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Make These DIY 3D Star Decorations

Christmas Dec 14, 2015

DIY 3D Star Decorations

Christmas decorations can be a little pricey, which is crazy given how easy they can be to make. Enter, the 3D cardboard star.

I love this because you can make it out of card, or old cardboard meaning it’s basically free! You can also make two and use it as a decoration for the tree or even make it oversized like I did here and create really cool gift boxes. So many options!

Pssst… Looking for a christmas tree alternative? Check out our DIY string light tree!

DIY 3D Star Decorations / Gift Boxes

You need

  •  300 gsm cardboard (around the thickness of a cereal box)
  •  Scissors
  • Half a star template
  • Tape
  • A ruler


How to

Print & Trace

Start by printing off your template in whatever size you want your star. Trace your star template onto the cardboard. I wanted our stars to be huge so printed half a star template in A3 (it’s the biggest our printer would go) and then flipped the template over to do both sides.

Cut & Score

Cut out the cardboard star. Now you are going to score the lines through the star so the folds are clean and sharp. To do this, lay the ruler in the middle of each point, and then open your scissors, and press the blade along the ruler line. Make sure not to cut all the way through.


Using the ruler, fold all the score lines.

Fold & Pinch
To create the finished star shape, fold the star along the shorter lines, and then pinch the points.

Box it up & give!

Single stars make great decorations themselves, but these can also be boxes! To make a box, all you have to do is create a second star. Once you’ve done that, lay one face down on the table and put your present inside (obviously it can’t be too heavy). Then, put your second star on top to create the wrap/box.

Seal the box by either pressing the edges together and taping them carefully, or (the easy way) tape the edges of the top star to the inside of the star that’s face down. The side with the tape can be placed facing towards the wall to hide the tape.

On the big day, the boxes can be opened by ripping the cardboard, or removing the tape if you want to keep your decorations for longer! This sort of box is perfect for little gifts like rings or necklaces, it won’t take you long to make a bunch of them and they can even be hung on the tree for even more of a surprise. The best thing about this project is that you’re turning your gift wrap into decorations, which a) means you don’t have to buy or make other decos and b) it’s a pretty sneaky hiding place!

If you’re looking for more ways to disguise your presents, make sure to check out Australia Post’s Surprise Disguise page, they have range of products to help you keep Christmas a surprise this year including Parcel Lockers, Parcel Collect and Shop Mate. Because who doesn’t love surprises?

This article is sponsored by Australia Post. Go here to find out more about how Aus Post is helping to keep Christmas a surprise this year.

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