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Make this Woven Raffia Wrapped Jug

Home DIY Apr 21, 2021

A few months ago I challenged myself to make five upcycles in one day. It was chaotic but I love how they all turned out, especially this woven raffia wrapped jug.

The jug was purchased for a few dollars from my local Vinnies op shop, and the #trashtoterracotta paint and raffia are both affordable to make and source. A few dollars for a stylish new piece of decor – perfect!

You Need

  • A jug. This one was purchased from my local thrift store
  • Water based paint and baking powder to make Trash To Terracotta paint
  • Raffia
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or super glue

How To

  1. Make the Trash To Terracotta paint. Read this blog post on how to make this paint.
  2. Cut a length of raffia and twist around the handle. Start at the top and secure with a glue gun. Then work to the bottom, gluing as required.
  3. Measure a 30cm length of raffia (or a size that will fit around your jug). This will be the top piece of raffia which all other pieces will be attached too.
  4. Measure 6 x 30cm lengths of raffia and fold each in half.
  5. Evenly spaced apart, knot the raffia over the top piece so that the two tassles are hanging.
  6. Taking the left hanging piece from one knot, and the right hanging piece of another, tie a knot. Ensure this is the even length all the way around. Tie off.
  7. Keep making this pattern until you reach the bottom. Secure underneath, trim and glue for extra reinforcement.


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