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Make This Brass Wall Hanging

Home DIY May 11, 2021

Adding a little shine to the walls!

A while ago I created a clay wall hanging for our bedroom. I loved it so much that I wanted to test the concept out further and this time go for a metallic look. As I had hoped, this bronze sheeting looks really elegant and is a beautiful statement surrounded by all the softer colours and materials in our home.

This project is a variation of one of my favourites from my book.

It was really simple to make and can be achieved with only a few materials. Before you start, have a read of my blog post on where to buy bronze sheeting. I searched high and low for places to get it and found some great suppliers online.


  • Brass sheeting (read my blog post on where to buy sheeting)
  • Brass rod or hoop
  • Small gold jump rings
  • Cotton cord
  • Picture hook
  • Metal snips or heavy-duty scissors
  • Small round-tipped pliers
  • Small wooden block
  • Large nail


Cut out your desired shapes from the brass sheeting using metal snips or heavy-duty scissors.


Lay out the brass pieces along with the brass rod or hoop and move them around until you’re happy with your design.


Rest each brass shape on the wooden block and use a hammer and large nail to punch a hole into the top (and bottom, if the piece is a linking piece) of each shape.


Attach the linking pieces together using the jump rings, then attach them to the rod or hoop.


Tie a length of cord to the top of the rod or hoop. Hang the wall-hanging from a picture hook.

Voila! So simple to make and what a great statement piece for use in any part of the home.

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