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Perfecting My Monday Routine With Dyson

Interiors Jun 28, 2021

I’ve been working closely with Dyson for a while now, which has been such a fun collaboration. One thing it means is that I get to experience all their amazing new home tech as soon as it hits the market. Their latest innovation? The Dyson V15 Detect, an amazing upgrade to their cordless vacuum that takes deep cleaning to a new level.

Going from one to two kids has been a huge change! And has made us look at and adjust our routine a lot. After two months, I can finally say that I’ve started to find my groove, in terms of juggling the baby, the toddler, work and keeping the home organised. Phew.

I want to share with you guys how the new V15 Detect has been helping us settle into our Monday routine and also some tips for a quick morning clean!

The Dyson V15 Detect

One of the vacuum’s newest (most exciting) features is the new fluffy cleaner head with an inbuilt laser. The precisely-angled laser will reveal all the microscopic dust so that you can actually see all the dust, dirt and dog hair that’s on the floor. And once you vacuum it all up, I love that you can also see how clean the floor is using the lasers.

They’ve also added in a piezo sensor which continuously measures and counts the dust particles that are getting picked up. This means, the vacuum will respond to bigger messes by supercharging the suction when needed. The LCD screen on the machine lets you see just how much dust and dirt is being picked up, which is something I like to keep an eye on.

My Monday Cleaning Routine

After a busy weekend with the kids, Monday morning has turned into a time to get organised. It’s actually my form of self care! I know that sounds a little ridiculous but it’s true. I used to do most of it on Sunday but having two children has changed that. Once Ben drops Frankie off at daycare I take some time to get the house in order, which is as much about clearing my head mentally for the work week as it is having a tidy space. Obviously, time is severely limited when Monday morning rolls around, as I try to squeeze calls in between baby naps. So I’ve been perfecting my half hour cleaning routine. Last week I started using the Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner and I have to say I was so blown away by how amazing it was, and it certainly upped my game.

Stick to The Main Areas
It would be impossible to clean every corner of the house in half an hour, so I aim to clean just a few – those that I use the most, so that the spaces I SEE are clean, while the others can wait for another time. I clean our main living/dining room and our bedroom.

Box Up The Clutter
Honestly, after a weekend spent with a toddler the mess is unbelievable – books, blocks, clothes everywhere. After I fill the dishwasher, the first thing I do is clean up all the clutter. I have a method of a box for each room/person. So I have three boxes, one for Frankie, one for Bobbie and one for Ben and I. In the main part of the house I sort all the clutter into a relevant box, and then put that box in that person’s room.

Clean the Floors
A clean floor is a clear mind. Well for me anyway! I’ve been using the fluffy laser attachment on the Dyson V15 Detect, since the laser makes it so easy to see the dirty areas. This means I get to save time on areas that don’t need vacuuming. I can also monitor all the dust I’ve been collecting, which makes it even more satisfying! The vacuum has seriously made my half hour routine is even more efficient.

Spritz Surfaces & Light A Candle
Giving the tabletops and benches a spritz with eucalyptus cleaner and getting them sparkling takes just a few moments and makes the space feel so much cleaner. My final step is to light a candle for a cosy feel.

I just love how much this new vacuum cleaner lets me do a deep clean of the house on a Monday morning, without having to dedicate too much time to it. Leaving me to get on with my day with a super clean space.

This post is in collaboration with Dyson.

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