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Currently Working On: A Cabinet Upcycle!

Upcycled furniture Sep 3, 2021

Who doesn’t love a new project?

I recently picked up this old kitchen cabinet from a second-hand furniture store for $30! It’s been sitting in the studio for a while, as I ponder to what to do with it. I love the lines of it but the colour and fittings have seen better days, so I’m excited to give it a refresh.  You’ll remember I refreshed a cabinet a while ago for Frankie’s room, and it was such a nice update that was relatively simple to do. Perhaps I’ll do something more adventurous this time!

Cabinet Upcycle Brainstorm

I have so many ideas for this lovely piece but I’m struggling to decide on what direction to go in. Currently I’m tossing up:

  • Whether I should keep the glass or replace it with another material or rattan. The glass is actually quite nice and I think it’s original/antique so it does make me think that keeping it is the best idea.
  • If I should go light or dark in colour. I LOVED the green that I painted my last cabinet project, so I do want to go with something slightly different. Either white or black comes to mind.
  • I have a bunch of leftover wooden knobs and handles that I was going to use in my last cabinet upcycle, and they are a light wood, so I’m thinking of using them, but obviously they have a certain look so everything would then need to match those.
  • I’m thinking perhaps I should paint it with a mural or something that’s super unique, I love doing something that I haven’t really seen before. But there’s always a risk it won’t work. Hmmm!

I’m looking forward to sharing more soon!


Let us know your thoughts!

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