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Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating

Renovating Sep 21, 2021

Renovating is honestly, a bit of a minefield.

There is just so much you don’t know when you get started – what you need, what things cost, how to decide what finishings to get etc etc etc. The tough reality is that you often have to learn these things through trial and error. Having Ben around meant I was lucky enough to skip some of these mistakes – his day job as an interior designer means he is constantly on site, so has luckily learnt all these things in the past. Because I’m fully aware of everything I DIDN’T know when we first started, I wanted to share with you a few mistakes it’s a good idea to avoid if you want to make your renovation as stress free as possible. Full disclosure… Many of these are mistakes I definitely would have made had it not been for Ben. So hopefully these are useful to you!

Not Moodboarding

How a home and all the details come together is often more about how you think about a space to start with rather than how you out it together at the end. That’s because the finishes and colours you choose to begin with lay the groundwork for much of how the space will feel. So, start by developing some moodboards for your space, whether that be as tear outs or on Pinterest. Try to think about how the space is and what you can add to it. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles!

Not Setting A Clear Budget

Argh, budget. The one thing that can ruin even the best laid reno plans. The funny thing about a renovation budget is that it’s something that you kind of need to go back and forth on, as you come up with ideas and plans and then have them priced. But whatever you do, keep a budget in mind that you can comfortably accomodate, and do your best not to go over it, particularly in the initial stages, given that budgets always go over when the build is happening.

Changing Your Mind Once It’s In

With so much different inspiration coming at us all the time, it’s easy to change your mind on something and want to fix it mid build. But this is something that will make the whole process more stressful, and expensive! Something that I learn was really important through the renovation process was to choose something and stick to it. For that reason, it pays to do more research upfront and sit with plans for a while, particularly if you tend to be indecisive.

Letting It Ruin Your Life

Sometimes we can get so set on a project and its importance (our forever home, or even just our for now home) that it can make us miserable. Even thought we faced lots of stumbling blocks with out project, I really tried to keep in mind that it was just a house, and didn’t warrant fighting over or letting it consume us. Keep in mind that every problem has a solution, and you’ll get there in the end.

In case you’re looking for a little refresher on the process, see below for the process we followed for doing ours!

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