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Weekends at Home & A Few Links

Living Sep 26, 2021

Oh, is the weekend already over?

But honestly, I can’t believe it’s already October! I’m excited for the festive season to be upon us shortly, but the year is just moving so fast. Is it the same for you? Or it is a painfully slow year? Here are a few things I’ve been into lately.

A Few Links

A few tactics for embracing positive thinking.

I just finished Sally Rooney’s new book, it was actually so hard to get into! In the end I liked some parts of it, but it was very melancholy.

I loved the weird vibes and angsty playlist of The White Lotus.

I feel like the term ‘Hot Girl Walk‘ is a bit much, BUT I have to admit that pounding the pavement, coffee in hand, podcast on, has to be the absolute best way to start the day.

After much thinking I just returned these and swapped them for these.

Wearing new linen from The Undone.

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