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A Quick Guide To Using Your Dremel

Home DIY Nov 3, 2021

As you guys know, I’ve been using my Dremel for a year or so now, and I’ve just fallen in love with this handy tool!

I get a lot of questions from you guys about how to get started with a Dremel, so I thought it would be useful to create an easy guide to getting started. In this post I’ll give you a basic outline to get you started using your Dremel, show you how to use the various accessories and finally give you some info about attachments that can make your projects even better.

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A Dremel is a handheld rotary power tool that has a range of different accessories for undertaking a wide variety of craft, hobby and DIY tasks. In a broad sense, a Dremel can be used for cutting, sanding, engraving, cleaning & polishing and grinding & sharpening. The Dremel can also do a huge range of other tasks but these are the key ones.

Dremel tools come in both corded and uncorded options, and what you choose will depend on your task or the project you want to do. Overall, corded tools have more power than cordless ones, and are great if you are looking to do more heavy duty, longer projects. Uncorded tools on the other hand are better for smaller more intricate projects.

Selecting a tool based on RPM

Different Dremel models have varying maximum RPM, so it’s useful to understand what you want to do and the RPM requirements when selecting a tool. More heavy duty projects and applications will need a higher RPM, whilst small more intricate tasks can be completed using a lower RPM tool.

Safety gear for using the Dremel

You should always first consider safety equipment when you use your Dremel. As a starting point, I like to always have safety goggles, a mask and gloves to use.


The feature that attracted me the most to using a Dremel was just how versatile they are, which is down to the amazing array of accessories (or bits) you can insert into your Dremel, all which do different tasks.

To help you select the right accessories, Dremel has created a colour-coding system: every colour represents a category of application. This will help you to select the right accessories for your tasks. Note also, that various accessories have optimal RPM rates they should be used at, some are lower and some are higher depending on the task.

Every Dremel tool comes with a kit that has the basic accessories (see below on the coloured chart) but you can also buy other kits that have a greater array of accessories. For example, a kit that comes with your Dremel may have a few different sanding accessories, the Sanding kit has many dozen.

Carving & Engraving

Carving and engraving bits are the largest category of Dremel accessories. Their overall sharpness and durability allow them to last a long time when used properly. Router bits are used for edging and grooving wood, and making things like letter signs and picture frames.


Dremel provides two types of cutting accessories; cutting bits and cut-off wheels. These are ideal for working with wood, metal and glass and allow for simple projects to be cut easily.


Cleaning and polishing

Dremel cleaning and polishing accessories include brushes, felt accessories, buffing wheels and rubber points. These are ideal for cleaning metal in up cycling and restoration projects, along with finishing off or smoothing materials once they have been sanded or sharpened.


Dremel sanding accessories include sanding drums, bands, discs, flapwheels and abrasive buffs to remove and smooth material. This is perfect for using when upcycling and doing craft projects.

Grinding and Sharpening

The accessories in this category have many practical, do-it-yourself applications. They accomplish the everyday, money-saving things like sharpening mower blades, boat propellers and chainsaw blades. They can also deburr, smooth, grind and clean a variety of materials around the home and garden.


Attaching an accessory to the tool using the MultiChuck.
1. Your tool comes with an 3.2 mm collet and collet nut.
2. Press the shaft lock button.
3. Loosen and remove collet and collet nut from your tool.
4. Begin to thread the Multi Chuck onto the tool shaft while keeping shaft lock button depressed.
5. As the jaws begin to close insert the shank of the accessory.
6. Keep the button pressed and tighten the accessory in towards yourself.


In addition to all the amazing accessories you can use to craft with your Dremel, there are also lots of attachments that can be used for various projects and make whatever you are doing easier and more efficient. Here are a few of my favourites.


The Flexshaft attachment is used to attach to the tool to create attach to the tool to create a pencil grip and finger grip control. It provides greater accessibility when using the tool and is ideal for hard to reach places. The quick connect attaches the tool in seconds.


The workstation attachment allows you to mount the tool to use it as a drill press, or to mount the tool and frees hands to hold the workpiece. This an amazing function that his great for smaller more delicate projects like jewellery or small craft projects.


The Multivise is fantastic to be used as a clamp, an alternative to mount the tool and free the hands, or the other way around to hold the workpiece with the rubber jaws. This attachment clamps to any workbench, table to counter to create stability in your workspace.

Detailer’s Grip

This attachment is fantastic to help you fight fatigue by shifting the weight of a bulky tool to a spray gun-like grip. It enables you to have even better control of the tool which allows for more detailed work or projects that take longer to complete.


The shield keeps debris away when sanding, grinding, cutting, polishing, carving, and engraving.

If you’re interested to make some projects with your Dremel, check out this Engraved Jewellery,  Upcycled Chair and this Christmas Tree!

This post is in collaboration with Dremel

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