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My Craft Storage Organisation

Storage Mar 8, 2022

Is there anything more therapeutic than a declutter and some fresh organisation?

I’ve been meaning to give my craft cupboard a big revamp for longer than I care to admit, and with a bit of time up my sleeve, I decided I needed to start the year (yes I know it’s March!) how I intend to spend it – and that’s with a little more order and let’s be honest – cleaner cupboards.

I spent some time at Bunnings finding some items that I knew would be really practical but that I could also make look pretty. Why can’t the inside of our cupboards look and feel like our style, just like the rest of the house and studio?

I love these wooden crates from Bunnings because the square sides means they fit really neatly together in a shelf and I thought painting them would be so fun and let’s be honest, with the way this year has started, a little bit of relaxing painting did me some good. They fit so perfectly into our Kaboodle cupboards which we added when did our house renovation.

I used the Large wooden crates as well as the Small ones so that I could squeeze as much organisation into my shelves as possible. I also like to have different sizes when organising so I have options for each category of items.

I gave each box a coat of my favourite green British paints Wollemi Pine which really changed how they looked and tied them in with the decor in the house. They looked so good lined up I almost didn’t want to fill them. While they dried I culled and sorted until everything was in order and made sure I had grouped everything into categories that made sense for how I use things and how often I’d be reaching for items.

Doesn’t great storage just make your heart sing? There’s nothing better. Next up, I knew I needed to add labels to everything so that it functioned as efficiently as possible. I love something a little personal and rustic so I added some handwritten labels held on with a wooden peg in the same colour.

I absolutely love how it all turned out! It looks so much better and everything is exactly in the right place! Now onto some fun projects so I can use all these lovely craft supplies.

In collaboration with Bunnings.

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