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DIY Mushroom Lamp (An Easy Ikea Hack!)

Home DIY Apr 6, 2022

This project is one of the simplest, easiest projects I think I’ve ever done. Hello instant gratification!

I’ve been eying off these cute mushrooms lamps for a while now. I love the clean, simple design and I knew if I could figure out the right materials to use that it would be something I could easily make myself.

All that was required was two simple shapes, a cylinder and a half sphere. I started hoarding bowls in an attempt to find the perfect shape but turns out it requires something very specific, in that it must be deep, can’t have an edge or lip, can’t be too flat on the bottom… Many bowls were’t worthy but finally I found THE ONE – enter the IKEA metal bowl! This bowl is almost a proper half circle with the exception of the very small flat bottom. All I needed now was a vase or cannister for my lamp base and that’s not a big ask when you’re in the IKEA kitchen section!

With my main materials secured I was ready to make a mushroom lamp and I’m excited to show you exactly how to do it, it’s so easy! One thing to note here – there are lots of things you would use to light this up, a puck light is an obvious one but when I tried that I found that it just didn’t provide enough light. So I went with the fairy lights, which, although they look quite strange from the underside, work really well.

Materials you need

How to Make A Mushroom Lamp (Using a Metal Bowl!)


Begin by mixing up your #trashtoterracotta paint -1 cup paint, 1 tablespoon baking powder. I used a light peach and a terracotta colour.


Brush your paint on and cover the vase and bowl. Be careful to smooth your brush strokes over in nice straight lines so that the end result is neat. 


Once the paint is dry, hot glue the fairly lights inside the bowl. Start by gluing the battery pack in the bottom (remember to keep the battery opening accessible) and wind the string around so that all the lights tuck up inside with nothing hanging over the edge. 


Simply switch the lights on and place the bowl onto the vase. Its that simple!

Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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This project could not be simpler and the fairly lights give the lamp such a lovely glow. Frankie is obsessed with these and immediately put them in her room. The only problem is, I love them too! I may have to fight her for them.

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