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How to make a Travertine Mirror

Home DIY May 30, 2022

Travertine is the gift that keeps on giving and this one has to be a favourite.

After making this Stone Mirror using pieces of garden edging and posting it to instagram, a few of you asked me to make one using Bunnings Travertine. And I was more than happy to oblige. I had the pieces picked out and ready to go so when my DM’s filled up with travertine mirror requests I jumped right on it!

Just like the stone mirror, this DIY is SO simple, with just a few materials and steps.

Materials You Need

  • Bunnings Travertine
  • Selleys Liquid Nails
  • Bunnings Oval Mirror

How To


Begin by finding the right pieces. You'll need a front, back and base piece. This will require having a little play around until it feels balanced and making sure that the bottom of the front and back pieces are perfectly flat.


Apply glue onto the back piece of travertine.


Then glue the front and back pieces to the mirror. Ensure that the bottom of each piece is perfectly lined up and then leave overnight to dry. I used a scrap piece of travertine to prop up the top of the mirror so it was laying flat on the ground.  


Once completely dry, apply glue to the bottom pieces and then stand your mire up and place carefully in the centre of the base piece of travertine. Gently press and leave to dry completely before touching or moving. 

Like what you see? Or just want to save it for later?

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And there you have it. Just a few steps and it’s finished. I’m such a fan of DIY that is quick and instantly satisfying, and and if you’re just starting out on your own DIY journey, I suggest starting with a project like this because seeing your effort pay off so quickly is a really fun way to start.


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