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How To Make A Marble Side Table

Home DIY Aug 19, 2022

An easy weekend project!

Because you all loved the travertine side tables so much, I wanted to seek out more options to create a luxe piece that could elevate any space, that are simple to create. I love marble but it can be expensive and difficult to work with, so I was very excited to find an affordable option. I used ceramic tiles!


How to make a marble Side Table


One pack of Gayafores tiles comes with five seperate tiles. Because these tiles are on the thinner side and only have one side with the marble design, I decided to glue them together using liquid nails to create two sturdy 'slabs' that have the design on both sides. I set aside the fifth tile to use as the table top.


Once they were dry, I used multi joint compound to fill in the sides of the two slabs and the edges of the fifth to keep a cohesive look between the tiles. This product dries light so it gives that nice slab edge look. Once the multi joint compound dried, I gave the edges a light sanding to smooth them out and blend them into the marble.


To assemble the base, I simply set the two slabs up in a 'V' shape and used liquid nails to glue them together where the edges overlapped, taping the pieces together to ensure the slabs stayed in place while drying.


Once the base was fully dry, I attached the fifth tile to the top using liquid nails.


The final step after the table top was secure and fully dry was to fill in the back of the base with multi joint compound.

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There you go – super simple DIY with the most luxe finished look!

I loved the way this turned out that I also did a black marble one, which do you like more?

This post is in collaboration with Bunnings

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