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Making A Safari Inspired Pet Home

Home DIY Mar 21, 2023

Have you met Ollie? From being born in the back of a junk yard in Hong Kong to flying across the world to live with us in Australia, this pup quickly became a very important member of our family.

Recently I noticed Ollie’s dog bed was looking a little old and shabby, so I decided it was time to find him a new one! Like most things, I thought about building him one from scratch, but then found these amazing pet homes from Pinnacle Hardware and realised they would be such a great blank canvas to style however I wanted!

Materials You’ll Need

How To Make A Safari Inspired Pet Home

  1. After putting together the flat packed kennel, the first thing I did was cut pieces of canvas drop close to match the panels of the dog house. I did one long panel to stretch over the sides and top of the kennel, one panel at the back and two panels to create flaps at the front.
  2. The next thing I did was cut timber moulding to fit the outside edges of the kennel, I mitred the edges to give the whole thing a really finished look. I then painted the moulding with two coats of outdoor paint.
  3. While the moulding was drying, I used a staple gun to attach the canvas onto the frame of the dog kennel.
  4. I then used nails to add the moulding along the front and back edges of the dog house, covering the staples as I went.
  5. To finish, I added round grommets to the ‘tent’ flaps and used some leather to secure the flaps open.

Voila! One safari inspired doghouse! I think this project turned out so cute and Ollie has been loving his new little home.

This project is in collaboration with Pinnacle 

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