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Design & Content Assistant

We’re looking for someone to come on board to assist in the creation of content and delivery of digital projects. A diverse and very fun set of day to day activities such as styling, sourcing, mood boarding, brainstorming and getting amongst all forms of social media. Plus you’ll be hanging with us in the studio which is pretty fun too.

Tasks: Helping to develop proposals and stories for new posts. Researching unique ideas for styling, making and events. Sourcing and researching for props and supplies. Taking simple photos. Editing Photos. Managing the upload of blog content.

Requirements: Organised. Creative. Detail oriented. Visually analytical (probably a fellow pinterest addict!). Handy with a camera. Experience editing content and photos. Copywriting. Styling, art or design experience a plus.

Videographer / Photographer

We’re looking for someone amazing to join the team who has video, photography and editing experience, and is looking to build their lifestyle portfolio. We’ve got so many creative projects in the works, as well as one or two major changes here and are seeking to build the team in that area. A successful applicant will have lots of opportunity for creativity and autonomy.

Tasks: Taking photos. Recording video. Editing photos and video.

Requirements: Proficient in Photoshop, and Lightroom. Experience with natural light photography. Experience editing and creating video.

Editorial Assistant

We’re looking for a talented, creative and super organised editorial assistant/junior writer to join our team to focus on content creation and editorial writing.

Tasks: Creative writing on the topics of lifestyle, fashion and craft. Development of ideas for new creative pieces. Research for seasonal content. Working with photographers and other team members to create full articles.

Requirements: Ability to research, write and deliver creative pieces. Proven ability to meet deadlines. Experience working to an editorial calendar.

To apply

You must be based in Brisbane, Australia to apply for these jobs. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the team, we’d love to hear from you. Simply send us the following information:

– A little bit about who you are, what you love and why you’re applying for this position.
– Your resume.
– Links to your blog if you have one and to all social media accounts as applicable including: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.
– Let me know your skills! What will you bring to the table? What is your past experience with blogging, crafting, graphic design or other creative positions?

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