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DIY Simple Chain Sunglasses Strap

DIY Fashion Jul 18, 2014

Greetings from sunny (and alternately rainy) Phuket! For me, one of the biggest casualties when it comes to holidays is sunglasses, I honestly can’t help but lose at least one pair every time I travel. This trip I decided to get serious about holding onto them – partly because it’s an annoying waste of time looking for them in every part of my bag only to realise they’re long gone, but mainly because I couldn’t bear the thought of parting with my new Le Specs beauties. This is a very easy simplification of another strap I made, using a more simple chain that will go with practically anything!


Wearing: Le Specs sunnies, Marysia bikini top, Zara shorts

You need:

How to:

1. Cut your delicate chain so you have around 1m (1.2 yards).

2. Add a jump ring to the end of the rubber fitting.

3. Attach the chain to the jump ring and press it closed. Do this for the other end of the chain.

Voila! Told you it was easy? No more losing sunglasses!


Follow my holiday shenanigans here!

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