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How to: no Heat Holiday Curls

My DIY Jul 20, 2014

When travelling who can honestly be bothered with the straightener and curler when you’ve got so many other fun things to do? In ode to us just landing in the beautiful area of Krabi in Thailand, I thought I would share with you my go-to holiday hair routine, seriously easy – and perfect for super humid destinations like Thailand where a messy curl goes a looooong way to disguising crazy frizzy lampshade hair. The best thing about this little morning routine is that you don’t need loads of creams or potions – just your conditioner and some bobby pins – I used the handy bottle from this travel set which worked perfectly!

 You need – conditioner, hair pins, a comb, a towel


How to:

1. Wash and towel dry your hair.

2. Put a small pea sized amount of conditioner on your fingertips.

3. Add it to the ends and mid lengths of your hair.

4. Pin your hair in some small buns at the back of your head and let your hair dry naturally. I usually do this little routine before breakfast and take out the pins before my hair is completely dry so they curls aren’t too tight. You can add some spray to hold he curls but I don’t bother unless I remembered to throw it in my suitcase – and let’s face it I usually didn’t.

Let your hair out and have fun!

Psst, there’s 25% off over at  Grown Alchemist this weekend including the travel kit that’s been my trusty Thailand companion.

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