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DIY Leather Magazine Hanger

DIY Storage Jan 22, 2015

DIY Leather Magazine Hanger

I’m all about displaying magazines and books in a way that utilises their full value, and looked around for a long time for a strap to have them as art, but was sad to see that most wall straps meant you had to roll your precious mag – sooo not going to happen! Recently I used our DIY Leather Kit to come up with this idea about a way to display them so that they keep their shape and last a long time. Read on to see how!

DIY Leather Magazine Hanger

You need:

  • A piece of leather
  • A multi hole punch
  • a pencil
  • two button studs
  • a ring
  • sharp scissors

How to:

1. Measure your leather straps out – mine were 1.5 cm (0.4 inches).

2. Cut them out.

3. To make one strap you’ll need to pieces of leather.

4. Press them together at one end and punch a hole in both sides. I do that at the same time so the hole is in the same place.

5. For the top section, you’re going to add the screw from the underside and then the ring in between the layers, and then sccrew down the top part of the stud.

6. It should look like this.

7. Measure the length of the magazine you want to use – I used a Harper’s Bazaar originally to measure and then added a few cm so I knew everything would fit. Punch a hole about 2.5 cm (i inch) up from the end and then cut a nice tail.

8. Add your button stud to that hole and place your magazine inside by slotting the underneath piece of leather into the magazine/book.

Then place some hooks on the wall and add your hangers!

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