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DIY Wrapped Flowers (perfect for Hanging)

My DIY Jan 20, 2015

diy wrapped flowers floral smudge stick

Valentines day is just around the corner, and as you might know from a few posts (here and here), it’s my opinion that February 14 is best celebrated with flowers – whether you get them from your one and only or you buy them for yourself (nothing better than a trip to the flowers markets to brighten up your day!). But what does one do with the ever present conundrum of your flowers dying over time? Oh the sadness of having to throw your wilted blooms away!

Bearing that in mind, and also the mountains of bouquets you will no doubt receive from your myriad of lovers this V day, I’ve come up with a little flower DIY which you can do just as your flowers start to wilt, perfect for prolonging their use and creating a lovely decoration. The rope wrapped style I’ve used here is inspired by sage smudge sticks I’ve been seeing around, and can either be hung up or placed on a table. These are also the perfect gift for your Galantine!

You need:

  • Flowers (types like roses dry really nicely).
  • Herbs like sage, rosemary and anything else you love the smell of.
  • String
  • Scissors

How to:

1. Place your flowers, leaves and herbs together, layering them together in a long bundle and making sure there are flowers all the way from the top to the bottom.

2. Starting from the bottom, take your string and wrap it around your bundle.

3. Criss cross your string around your bundle.

4. Tie it off around the back when you reach the top.

Simple, fragrant and beautiful. I love them because they can either be used as a centre piece or hung up as decoration, and are lovely given to someone as a gift.



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