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DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings

Christmas Nov 12, 2015

DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings

I don’t think I could be more excited about the holiday season if I tried. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be wrapping myself in tinsel (at least, not yet).

A touch of sequins or crystals goes a looooong way in my books, and I prefer to mix it up with more raw pieces (like denim or knitwear) for a high/low holiday look. That doesn’t mean I’ll shy away from a great set of crystal earrings, they’re the first thing you notice (and admire) when you talk to someone. So, without further ado, read on for a really (and I mean really!) easy way to craft your own jeweled earrings.

DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings

You need:

  • Jewels
  • Greaseproof paper
  • super glue
  • Stud earring backs
  • A skewer

For this project you’re going to create a glue based setting for your earrings, so it’s clear and hardly noticeable. You’ll be a jeweller in no time! Kinda.

How to:

1. Spread some glue on the paper and use the skewer to smooth it out into the shape of the earrings you want to make.

2. Add the jewels on top. You can get creative with the design here! And did I mention bigger is better?

3. Let them dry overnight.

4. Once dry, remove the jeweled section from the paper and then trim the excess glue off.

5. This is how they should look.

6. Finally, add the stud earring backs and let them dry overnight.

Voila! I like pairing this over the top style with boyfriend jeans, a khaki silk shirt and a pair of pointed pumps. Just a touch of bling for me these holidays!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon


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