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How I Create The Perfect (Custom) Skin Tone Every Day

How To May 19, 2016

The Perfect Skin Tone

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all your interesting questions on my post from last week, both in the comments and via email. It has totally helped me understand what you’d like to know more about and (although this wasn’t the point originally) it has helped to develop new ideas for posts. Big thank you! One thing that a few of you wondered was about how to get a nice even skin tone, and so I thought I would share with you something I’ve started doing in the last year or so which has really helped me to perfect the base of my make up.

How I Create The Perfect Skin Tone

I’m not sure about you guys but I’ve always found it hard to find the right tone of foundation, I think because a) my dad is Sri Lankan so I have more olive skin which can be hard to match and b) it changes a lot depending on the season or if I’ve been on holiday. Speaking to friends I realised that regardless of your colouring, finding the perfect match can be really hard. Sooooo, to cut a long story short, I decided to do something about it. I bought a tinted moisturiser a few shades lighter than my skin, and another one a few shades darker and as my make up base I mix them together, creating a daily custom blend depending on the colour of my skin at that moment.

You can see how dark the BB cream is compared to the tinted moisturiser! Once mixed together you’ll have a completely new shade.

I then patch test the resulting colour on my face to check that it’s the perfect match, adding more of one or the other if the colour isn’t quite right. My face is usually a bit lighter than the rest of my body so I usually like to make it a touch darker to match the rest of my skin. This totally allows you to do that!

Now, obviously this process is going to suit some people more than others, but regardless it’s a good idea to experiment with colours like this if you find it hard to get the right match. I knowwww it’s kind of annoying that you have to buy two products but I don’t mind if it means my skin tone is as close to perfect as possible and matches the rest of my body really well! It also lasts twice as long so that’s a bonus too.

It changes all the time but these are the two products I’m using at the moment – Dr Jart Ceramidin Day Tint (this has such a velvety texture) and Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Medium to Dark.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon


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