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Making A Flared Leg Stool

Home DIY Jul 4, 2023

I’ve been loving the look of chairs and stool made out of wood that have a subtle flared leg, or a bit of a chubby look to them. And I’ve been wanting to try it for myself but couldn’t work out an easy way to do it.

After walking the aisles at Bunnings, I realised they had tapered legs, that, used upside down, would give me the chubby/flared look I was after. Adding them on to a nice thick round piece of wood and attaching a pouf to the top created the cutest little stool. All of the materials I used for this came in last under $75, and I love it!


How to make a ‘chubby’ stool:


I began by removing the screws with some pliers from the wider end of 3 tapered legs. I then drilled a pilot hole a little smaller than the screw in the opposite end and reattached the screws.


I then created the base by cutting out a 30cm round circle out of some old pine (about 3cm thick). I sanded it to smooth the edges, and used the t nuts to attach the legs on the outer edge of the underside. Next up, I stained the whole stool. 


Now it was time to create the upholstered pouf cushion for the top. I used a boucle pillow I found at Bunnings and gently opened it up to remove the foam, keeping the boucle material and foam in tact. I then measured out and cut a piece of MDF to match the size of my stool, and cut the foam a little bit larger than the MDF so that it would be nice and puffy.  


After this, I laid the material face down, and then placed the foam and MDF round on top and cut out my material with enough on the sides to pull over. Using my staple gun, I stapled down all of the material to the MDF and cut off the excess. Finally, I attached the upholstered pouf on to the stool by gluing it down.


This post is in collaboration with Bunnings

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