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Decorating With Plants (As Seen in Spain)

Styling Jul 15, 2016

Decorating With Plants

I’ve been working hard editing all the photos from my recent trip to Spain and Greece to go into the new travel guides that will be going up soon, coming soon guys :). One thing I noticed this trip is that more than ever, I took photos of interiors and decorations – must be something to do with the apartment overhaul I’m working hard on at the moment.

On that subject, I’ve been gathering inspiration for the plants I want to have in the house – in a small apartment with no outdoor space plants are absolutely key. But what to choose and how to decorate with them? I saw so many inspiring ideas while travelling, in Spain in particular where plants seem to be number one in terms of decorating (my kinda people), so I wanted to share a few ideas I stumbled upon in terms of plant walls. Now, which one to put into my place?

The Floating Shelves
This was one of my favourites, and a little decoration we stumbled upon in a Plant Gallery called Coffee & Plants (!!!) in Barcelona. The varied sizes of terracotta pots (without too much symmetry) and staggered floating shelves give it exactly the relaxed feel I’m after.

A Plant Cabinet
Who doesn’t love a vintage cabinet? And when it’s filled with amazing greenery I have to say it’s bound to be the focus of the room. We’ve picked up a few pieces of vintage furniture on our travels (excited to show you!) so this may be what we do with it. Stay tuned.


Plant Corners
Rather than just one single plant in a corner, I noticed a lot of plant corners in Spain, areas with clusters of styled plants all together – not thrown together (obviously) but carefully placed. Once again it’s all about not making look too ‘done’.

Which one would you have at your house?

Stay tuned for more of my apartment plant journey, and my guides for these gorgeous cities in Spain.


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