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How To Deal With Jet Lag (The Do's and Don'ts)

How To Sep 15, 2016

How To Deal With Jet Lag

Jet lag. It really has to be the worst – like a hangover that lasts for a week or more.

I talk about learning a lot from trial and error, and really that couldn’t be more true when it comes to this subject. I’ve had some really great transitions into new timezones, and I’ve had some that take weeks or don’t even really happen until I get back home – and that’s usually been down to the little things that I’ve done to adjust (or, not). But like most of us, I’m all good intentions for dealing with it until I get there, where naps, fries and oversized coffees get the better of me. So today, in collaboration with CLUSE watches and their ability to help us get on the right time (in style), we wanted to highlight some do’s and don’t for your next trip. Follow the do’s and you’ll be right as rain, stumble with the don’ts and you’ll extend your jet lag. It’s up to you! 🙂

How To Deal With Jet Lag (The Do’s and Don’ts)

One: Watch It

Do Change. That. Watch. Changing my watch to the time zone of my destination the moment I get on the plane is a game changer (literally) – and my new marble watch from Cluse definitely helps me to get on the right time. One really important factor here is getting sleep on your flight when you should be sleeping in your destination. That kick starts the whole change up. Travelling East to West is the worst so get yourself ready for it. And then when you get to your destination just completely forget about what time it is in the timezone you’ve come from. Don’t even think about it!

Don’t Ok so for those of you who just can’t let go of what’s happening in your usual time zone, I would definitely suggest keeping all clocks – that is your watch, your phone and your lap top – on the time zone from which you originated. I mean, if it’s three in the morning and your boyfriend’s going to be asleep you deserve to know about it right? It helps as a reminder of how terribly tired you should be feeling right now….

Two: Plate Up

Do Focus on eating yummy, healthy whole foods when you touch down – you’ll have been eating plane food for long enough! But you’re probably going to want to treat yourself, so there’s no need to break any records when it comes to food – yogurt, some guacamole and corn chips is the type of treat I love to eat when I’m jet lagged, and something spicy to get the metabolism going.

Don’t Eat all the fried stuff. I mean, you’re definitely going to want to, and it might feel good for the first five minutes. But then that’s just going to be another factor that will make you feel sick. That said, it’s about finding a balance between healthy yummy food that makes feel satisfied whilst not being junk. You can do it!

Three: Snooze fest

Do Aim to get through that first day and hit the hay early. If you wake up during the night, try not to get frustrated, instead pick up a book and read for a little bit which should help tire out your eyes. Avoid getting on your phone and doing a good ol’ scroll – your brain is going to think it’s midday. I also take Melatonin (the pill form of a sleep chemical in the brain), and it helps to regulate your sleep cycles.

Don’t Nap. Really I know it’s hard but napping often ends up turning into a longer sleep and before you know it you’ve slept half the day. The aim is to get through the day and be super tired come night. And if you wake up in the middle of the night? Don’t whatever you do resort to taking sleeping tablets, which force you to sleep without your body being naturally tired. I did a good job of extending my jet lag to a whole week doing this a little while ago!

Four: Hydrate

Do Drink as much water as you can handle…. before during and after your flight because dehydration makes jet lag symptoms much much worse (refer to hangover). You’re also going to need some coffee to get you through those dire hours where you feel like your eyeballs are on stalks, fust don’t overdo the caffeine because you’ll end up keeping yourself up too late which is not what you want at all.

Don’t Drink too much wine/beer/margaritas in the hope of forgetting all your timezone problems. I’ve done this a few times and not only has it been the type of hangover one remembers for years to come, it has definitely made my jet lag last much longer. Oh and think drinking will help you get to sleep? Wrong. It works for the first hour or so then you’ll be sure to wake up in the middle of the night feeling worse than ever.

Five: Work it out

Do Get outside and get some exercise, even if it’s just a light walk. You want to get your blood pumping and help to tire you out. A swim in the ocean or a pool is absolutely ideal. Trust me.

Don’t You’ll probably be too tired to get exercise or even bother going outside, so the best idea is to stay in the hotel and watch CSI reruns until you eventually fall asleep at 2 in the afternoon. Ok?

Six: Sun’s out

Do Lastly, and actually most importantly, get some sunshine! It’s the surest way to get your internal body clock onto the right time. An hour laying/sitting out in the sun will do more for you than anything else. No sun? Even just getting outside on the fresh air will help.

Don’t Stay under the covers at home hoping that you’ll magically feel better. Sadly it doesn’t work like that and you’ll find what could have been a bad day of jet lag turns into a bad week.

Guys I’m not usually one for crazy stage beauty products but I’ve fallen for those Verso eye masks, kinda pricey so I just use them on the plane and when I’m jet lagged… They keep your eye area sooo cool, I’m addicted.

Photos by Bryant Lee & Illustrations by Annie Huang. This post is in collaboration with Cluse Watches.


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