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Question: What should I make with these fabrics?

Let's Talk Feb 16, 2017

What Should I Make With These Fabrics

In this dreamily filtered, perfectly glossy world sometimes there’s pressure to only share 100% finished, perfect DIY projects with you guys. And don’t get me wrong, I love to do that! But in all honestly, this can sometimes totally downplay just how much thinking, pondering, searching (and fails) go into every good, solid project. That’s the life when you’re doing anything creative, right?

So today, going back a little to the roots of this blog as a place for gathering inspiration and mood boarding, I thought it would be fun to share with you, and invite you to get involved in, the behind the scenes for our next DIY projects. A recent fabric sourcing mission yielded some gems but I just can’t decide what we should make out of them!  It’s been a while since I’ve thrown it out to you guys, our oh so creative readers, to throw a few ideas around about what we should make next. And I knowwwww you guys are going to have some good ideas.

Some Inspiration

What Shouls I Make With These Fabrics?

Clearly I’ve got lots of plans for my Summer/holiday wardrobe! Sadly not enough to make all of these so need to narrow it down a bit…

After I bought the fabrics, I very quickly pulled some inspiration (above) that has been floating around my Pinterest boards for some time now, just waiting for a rainy day and a few meters of fabric to become reality. Clearly I’ve been veering towards linen for some time! I put together the moodpboard mainly looking at the colours and tones and how they inspire a mood.  In case you’re in the northern hemisphere right now and thinking ‘Geneva I’m 2 foot deep in snow whats with all the summery inspiration?’ Well a) it’s never to early to plan and holiday or your next wardrobe update, particularly if you have to make it! and b) as I mentioned in a post about how we plan the content, by now you’ll know that we have to plan what we’re going to make long before it’s ready to go up on the blog.

Some ideas:

A Fitted Jumpsuit – Up there on the list of things I want to make is a fitted bodice jumpsuit, a cropped length, slightly flared leg and a nice high waist. There’s lots of things I need to work out in order to do this, how to make it without too many zips – I hate them!

A Cross Back Dress – I absolutely LOVE this top with the simple but elegant cross back, and really would like to make a dress with a similar feel. Hmmmm, need to put my thinking cap on.

A Fitted Off The Shoulder Dress – I feel like this mustard fabric would make a lovely dress, and an off the shoulder style is super easy to make. I’ve made a simple straight one before (here) but never a fitted waist one. Or would making another one mean I have to change this blog name to ‘a pair & an off the shoulder’.

The Fabrics

Fabrics: rust and mustard coloured linen, and blush coloured velvet. So pretty!

Question Time

So guys! I would absolutely love to know what you would like to see us make for you.  Is there anything on the inspiration board that catches your eye? Although we’ve got some inspiration, you don’t have to stick to those styles at all (you might hate them!). Feel free to put forward totally different ideas too, there are no wrong answers I promise! And we’ll be making a few of these projects in the next week or so. Pretty excited. 🙂

My inspiration: Hunter the Label, Rosie Assoulin Spring 2016, Rosie Assoulin Spring 2015, Apiece Apart Red top and trousers, Reformation Jumpsuit, Sabo Luxe,  Yellow off the shoulder dress via Collage Vintage , Girls in dresses via Apiece Apart.


Love to hear what you think we should make with these fabrics!

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