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Make These Easy Gift Boxes For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

Christmas Dec 6, 2017

Coffee Gift Boxes

Hi guys! I’m guessing you have a friend, or probably few friends, who love coffee. Then this easy DIY Gift Box is for them (and you).

There’s nothing better than a gift that’s been handmade, created with love from the bottom of someone’s heart. But in case you’re running a little late on DIYing all your presents this year, you’ll be very happy to know that you can get that handmade feel even if you’re low on time, by putting together a simple gift box. To show you how, we got together with Nespresso to create a gorgeous (and crazy simple) box with all the essentials your coffee lover friend or fam will need to feel special.

Make These Easy Gift Boxes For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

Nespresso have recently released three flavours to celebrate the holiday season – Confetto Orangette, Confetto Snowball and Confetto Liquorice, along with some seriously festive accessories. And with their coffee being the best quality, and the fact that all my friends have a Nespresso machine, we thought these would be the perfect centerpiece for our coffee boxes!


  • Coffee (we used Nespresso capsules but you can obviously use any coffee you like).
  • A ceramic cup
  • A spoon
  • A small container for the coffee
  • A tea towel or linen napkin
  • A small notebook
  • A pretty snack of some sort – we went with shortbread
  • A Christmas card (print your own here!)
  • A wooden box
  • Shredded packing paper

The secret to gorgeous gift boxes that make people feel really special is in the details, but luckily you don’t have to blow your secret Santa budget to get those details – you’ll be surprised how inexpensive these boxes were to put together! In fact, we got all the small items like the box, spoon, tea towel and packing paper from a dollar store, if you stick with minimalist styles I promise no one will be able to tell. Obviously, you can spend big on ceramics, but you can just as easily pick up something inexpensive from a homeware store too. Here’s to presents that pack the visual and functional punch but don’t break the bank.

How to

  1. Lay your packing paper into the boxes.
  2. Place your tea towel or napkin down on top of the shredded paper.
  3. Then add on top your cup, snack and coffee.
  4. Add the card and then a nice sprig of eucalyptus or a flower and you’re ready to go! To transport, either put the lid on the box if it has one, or use some paper and ribbon to wrap the box.

There you have it, such a simple but pretty gift! We’ve also created two coffee inspired Christmas cards for you, so feel free to download them here. Oh and if you’re feeling extra generous, you can always throw in a new Nespresso machine (I love the Essenza Mini), you’ll definitely trump the gifting in that case!

This post is in collaboration with Nespresso.


Let us know your thoughts!

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