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How to Update Your Space Without Spending A Cent

Interiors Jun 27, 2019

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to decorating, is that your budget rarely matches up with your wishlist. I mean, remember my post about planning your renovation?

But what do you do when your budget is exactly zero? When your bank account is empty but you’re hankering for a before and after situation? We’ve all been there! I tend to want to change it all up precisely when I’ve paid some major bills. But luckily over time I’ve worked out that there’s plenty of things to do to your space that don’t cost much at all. Read on for a few tips and tricks.

1. Purge the clutter

When in doubt, edit. You know I’m a fan of a good clean out, and also of just being a bit more selective of what I bring into the house in the first place. Crowding too many things into a room can make it feel small and claustrophobic, which often makes me wonder what’s wrong with the decor. When in fact, all you need to do is give your room a bit of negative space (i.e. emptiness) and it will feel like you’ve done a major renovation!

2. Consider upcycling

Honestly, you’ll be amazed how many things in your home (or, say, in your parents shed) could benefit from a little life breathed into them. You know how much I believe in painting furniture when I feel like it needs a refresh, but you can also give cupboards new fronts, add new knobs to drawers or create a side table from an old piece of marble. The best thing about this is that all the love and care you’ve put into it will make you like it even more than if you bought it!

3. Swap it up

I have to admit to having a major addiction to gumtree and other online classified sites. Often you can find pieces that people are just wanting to get rid of, and all it costs is your time to go and pick it up. Chances are these sorts of items might need a little TLC but it’s worth it! And don’t discount garage sales where sometimes at the end of the day things are *practically* free. Remember my favourite mirror?

4. Rearrange The Furniture

I spent my whole youth rearranging my bedroom, but I have to admit that I don’t do it much these days. What a shame! Because it really does transform a whole room. So if you’re looking around thinking the space is in desperate need of a refresh, consider that perhaps the room could be reoriented or the major piece of furniture turned around or swapped onto another wall. Try it and see!


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