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Emily's Tiny Spanish Bedroom Makeover (And A DIY Basket Wall)

Interiors Oct 24, 2019

Proof that a room doesn’t need to be big to be beautiful.

I’m so excited to share with you another room tour from Emily’s amazing Mallorcan Casa. Emily has shared a few peeks of this room on her Instagram, but I knew that when I visited I would need to get down to business and learn all about it. Unsurprisingly, it’s an absolutely gorgeous space – light and airy, with a feeling of openness that shouldn’t exist in such a tiny room. Because truly, it’s very VERY small. Like, at a guess, about ten metres square. But you know what? Because of Emily’s design skills and amazing ability to mix colour, texture and vintage pieces, you don’t even notice that there’s only about a foot between the wall and the end of the bed. You’re too busy wondering how she put together that basket wall feature so perfectly. Or marvelling at those vintage rattan side tables she scored for next to nothing… Read on for more about this gorgeous make over!

When Emily’s and her family bought this house it came fully furnished, but frightfully so! But underneath she saw that the room had promise, what with the simple Spanish tiles and the white washed walls.

Before & after


Theme for this room?

It is such a small room so we wanted to make it all about the bed (because there’s literally no room for anything else!). I wanted the whole house to feel similar in style and colours and again for all of the furnishings to compliment the bones of the house, so we opted for neutrals and earthy colours, and lots of natural textures.

Challenges in the room?

The size! We still opted for a king size bed frame as I refuse to sleep in anything smaller (total diva, I know) but kept other furniture to an absolute minimum so we’re still able to navigate the room. It’s north facing with the smallest Spanish-style window and heaps of trees and plants just outside, so we kept the room as bright as possible with white walls and bedding.

Favourite things in the room?

The basket wall! It wasn’t really planned, but I shipped over a few boxes of unused home bits from the UK when we first bought the house, including a big stack of thrifted baskets I’d collected but had no use for. And the jute headboard from Calma House! Such an affordable addition to a not-too-comfortable bedframe, and adds heaps of texture! And the bamboo bedside tables were from the Consell flea market and a total steal at €40 each. I adore them!

What you didn’t expect to work but did?

Our super cheap Lampan lamps from Ikea. They’re £5 each and were a bit of a desperate last min buy when we were trying to get the room finished. But I adore them! They are super 70s and give off a lovely diffused light.

In this room: Bed, bed linen, lamps, rug and pendant light from Ikea, Wall hooks from H&M Home, Rattan Bedside tables are a market find, cushions from H&M Home, wall baskets are market and vintage finds, prints from Hotel Magique, dress form Free people, basket bag from Rock n Rose.

Tell us more about how you made that basket wall

This was the easiest part of the room, but has turned out to be the best bit. I love the different textures and tones, and knew that they would bring the whole room together. But it wasn’t a difficult project to do! I just laid out the baskets on the bed to decide how I wanted them to look, then transferred them to the wall and nailed them in place. So easy!

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