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Video DIY: Make This Tasseled Hanging Photo Frame

Home DIY Nov 4, 2019

A few years ago a friends came over to my house and looked around and said, ‘where are all your photos?!’. Only then did I realise that even though I take a lot of photos, I had none in the house.

Which is actually quite sad, apparently I was so busy snapping away that I had no time to actually hang a few of Ben and I, or even Frankie, in the house. You’ll remember that this year I’ve been partnered with Canon to create a bunch of home decor display ideas for photos (remember the plank display?), and through this process I’ve printed lots of pics using their printers (which is SO easy). Yes the house looks nicer and is more homely (that’s to be expected), but what’s surprised me the most is how it has changed the experience of being in the house. For example, I’ve put a bunch on the fridge (magnet DIY coming soon!) and even just that moment of glimpsing some of my favourite family photos before I open the fridge door is enough to make me feel happier and less stressed… So, if you’re like me and never used to have any pics around the house, now is the time to think about it! Needless to say I’ll be adding lots of these Hanging Frames around the house.

Scroll down to watch the video.

You need

  • Canon Pixma 6260
  • Square and 2×3 photo paper
  • 6 pieces of acrylic sheeting (2 per frame), cut a little bigger than the photos you want to use.
  • 6 small butterfly clips (2 per frame)
  • 2 metres of thin cord
  • Wooden beads
  • 8 metres of brown twine (4 metre per tassel)

How to:

This post is in collaboration with Canon Australia

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