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Tips & Tricks for Styling A Neutral Table

Dec 11, 2019

I know lots of you love neutrals, so today we’re talking about how to style the perfect neutral table!

Styling a table for Christmas, or any big event, can be daunting. And going for neutrals even more so. When you pare back the colours it can leave room for a bland or boring look. BUT it need not be. Texture, tones and sparkle all leave room for a table that wows, without being overwhelming. Read on for a few things I do to create a neutral (but impressive!) table.

Consider Your Colour Palette

You know what all beautiful neutral tables (and all well put together tables in general) have in common? A consistent colour palette that guides all the choices – from plates to centrepieces. Because the truth is, so long as you stick to a single colour palette you can pretty much put whatever you like on the table!

Start with a fresh base

Laying down a nice linen tablecloth (or old sheet in my case lol!) is the perfect way to create a light and bright base. By using linen, you create some texture that you can play around with when adding the rest of the decorations.


Florist bought flowers are pretty, but you don’t really need to buy flowers or leaves to create something beautiful. The answer is (probably) all around you! It’s time to start foraging. Your yard, your neighbours yard, those of your friends. Chances are there are some trees in your street that could do with a bit of a trim. Just make sure you ask first! For this table we grabbed some olive leaf from my brother and put it in a vase, and then used those leaves for a wreath and also on the table.

Ransack your cupboards

Table centrepieces need not be complicated – and chances are you have some pretty things lying in your cupboards that you can use. Like these wooden beads I had from another project, or candles or a plank. Remember to stick to the colours of the palette and you can get creative!


More is more more it comes to DIY on your table. Once thing you can most certainly make is cloth napkins. They are sooo easy to make and chances are you have some fabric in a drawer that deserves a new life. You can read how to make them here.

Mix and Match

When it comes to plates, so long as you can stick to a similar palette I think it’s so worth mixing it up!  Don’t feel bound to having matching plates, which is great when you are having quite a few people over. I like to layer a few different tones of the same colour.

Make It Sparkle

Adding light and warmth to your table with take it up a notch and make it truly sing. You can do this with candles, fairy lights and also glassware. Glasses reflect light so if you’re looking for wow factor, more is more when it comes to glassware!

In this photo: Table from West Elm, Bent Wood chairs are secondhand, Linen tablecloth is an old linen sheet, Solaris plates, White Basics plates, Sommelier glassware, Chester cutlery and vase from Maxwell & Williams.


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