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Here are 8 Low Waste (And Pretty!) Gift Wrapping Ideas

Home DIY Dec 16, 2019

Every year we like to get creative with wrapping paper, it’s one of my favourite things about Christmas. You’ll remember we’ve made DIY stitched packages, 3D Star Boxes and Label Wrap. But this year, more than ever, I have been focused on having a conscious, low waste Christmas, where I don’t throw anything away. And that goes for wrapping!

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share ten easy, and low waste Christmas wrapping ideas. That are cute! I mean, you could put your gift in an old sock but that would probably take away from the gift itself, so these ideas are low waste but also things you’d be proud to give!

DIY Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Cloth Napkins

You’ll remember my fabric wrapped gifts from a few years ago. For those I used scrap fabric, and even though that’s pretty low waste  if they are reused, there’s a way to make it even more so… By using cloth napkins! You can fold them in the same way that I did in my previous post (or see a video here). These are great because they can either be a gift or they can be used on your Christmas table after the gifts have been opened – perfect for the host!

Newspaper & Magazines

The perfect idea for last-minute wrapping paper, newspaper is a material that you can easily find in the bin. It can be decorated using stamps, paint, pom poms or anything you have lying around. You can also use magazines, old books, vintage maps or sheet music to wrap your gifts. Upcycling paper for gift wrapping is an idea that can’t go wrong!

Silk Scarves

In the same vein as cloth napkins, silk scarves are a luxe alternative, and they’re perfect for adding a little bit of wow factor to your gift.

Reusable Baskets & Boxes

Put your hand up if you would like a basket or nice wooden box as part of your Christmas gift. Me too! Because honestly, there is nothing more than getting some great storage as a little bonus gift. You can cut up some newspaper to cushion the gift, and add some flowers and leaves. See this post to make a cute gift for the coffee lover in your live.

Paper Bags

Another material that you will find in your recycling bin, paper bags are the perfect base for an elegant gift wrap – simply add some greenery, string and anything else you have on hand.  There are a few ideas here to decorate them.

Recycled Cloth Bags

Have you noticed that pretty much everything you buy these days comes with its own cloth drawstring bag or tote bag? So chances are you have a few gathering dust at home. These are great for putting your present inside, and then decorating with some flowers or leaves! Head here for how I use cloth bags to dress up plants!

Tea Towels

Trust me when I say, there is no such thing as too many tea towels. So these are another great option for wrapping things like bottles of wine, plants and simple other gifts.


Jar gifts are THE BEST! Honestly, they are so cute and they don’t need any wrapping. You can put something delicious in them (like chic jam or granola), or create your own little kit – like a sewing kit or a seedling kit. Perfect!

This is how I’ll be wrapping my gifts this year! I used some pretty napkins from West Elm, along with some dried flowers and some tree ornaments.

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