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Three DIYs to Do With Your Kids This Easter

Kids Crafts Apr 8, 2020

Chances are you’re staying in this Easter weekend, so it’s the perfect time to get crafty. If you’ve got kids, then I’ve got a few projects for you!

Recently Seed asked me to work with them on coming up with three easy DIYs that we could do with the kids over easter. I’ve been wanting to share more DIY projects for kids, so this was such a nice opportunity to get started. For this project, I made a Sock Bunny, Easter baskets and some Easter egg ornaments. You can watch the video I created for them here  which has all the steps and materials you need. You can also check out their Easter crafts for kids here.


Sock Bunny

I like this idea because who doesn’t have a spare sock lying around the house? I know I do! This is such an easy project, simply fill a sock with rice, then tie a ribbon in the middle to separate the body and head. Then, tie the top with string and cut the excess sock off, trimming the ends to look like bunny ears. So easy! Watch the full tutorial here.

Easter Egg Ornaments

Something for you and your kids, it’s so easy to make 3D Easter eggs using cardboard. Simply cut out egg shapes and glue them together. I like the idea of having a little branch in a vase and hanging them off that. It would make a great centrepiece! Check out the full tutorial here.

Easter Basket

Oh the nostalgia. I remember Easter baskets so well, they were such a big part of primary school and kindy. It was so fun to make one with Frankie. She’s still quite little but she process the idea of cutting and gluing, even though after a while she preferred to eat the cardboard haha. Grab the kit for DIYing your own here.


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