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Two Easy Upcycles To Refresh Your Space

Upcycled furniture Jun 9, 2020

You guys will be no strangers to my all encompassing love of complex, challenging and sometimes scary upcycle projects. But sometimes, a simple project is all you need to completely update a room.

‘Simple is best’ is one motto that I might not always stick to, but for these projects I wanted to share with you, I thought it would be nice to go back to basics. Read on for two easy projects that will help to refresh your space.

Remove A Mirror From Its Frame

This is one of my favourite ways to create a chic and expensive looking feature for any room…. Update a mirror by removing it from the frame! I mean, how often have you rejected a mirror because it sat in an ugly frame? This project works particularly well if you find an arched mirror, or if the frame is in really bad condition. It’s easiest to achieve when the mirror isn’t glued into the frame, only screwed in, as it just requires you to use a screwdriver to release it. So next time you see a horribly ugly mirror, consider what it might look like if you take it out of the frame!

Paint Those Shelves White

You’ll often find cheap old shelves on classified websites and in thrift stores, and the easiest way to give them a new life is to paint. them. white! Yep it’s the most simple of updates but it honestly works so well. I found these shelves being thrown out on the side of the road, and knew that their shape made them a perfect little update for my office. But the dark brown stain had seen better days, so I decided to paint them. And they came up perfectly! If the wood is varnished, it’s a good idea to use a primer before painting.

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