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Choosing Paint Colours To Upcycle This Cabinet

Upcycled furniture Aug 7, 2020

Upcycle in progress! I’m so excited to be upcycling this secondhand hutch to use in Frankie’s room as storage.

Recently I decided I wanted to put a little more storage into Frankie’s room, so went online to find something secondhand. After  a while I stumbled upon an amazing vintage hutch, and knew it would be perfect in the corner of her room. It was obvious just how gorgeous this piece could be wth a refresh and a new coat of paint.

I’m partnering with British Paints to give it a complete overhaul, and I’ve love it if you could help me decide on a colour! I’m trying to do something slightly different to the colours I might usually reach for, this time even adding a whole bunch of blues to the mix. I’d love to hear what you think and which colour you like… Or should I do a mix of colours?!

 Colours From Bottom to Top


1. Healing Spa

2. Cool Store

3. Kara Sea


4. Norway Spruce

5. Mossy Road

6. Wollemi Pine


7. Unbaked Clay

8. Grainstore

When I picked up the cabinet the owner said to me ‘I don’t know if you ever do any DIY but this would be a nice piece to paint’. I laughed! Stay tuned for what I do with this beauty.

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