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My Thrift Upcycles for National Op Shop Week

Upcycled furniture Oct 1, 2020

As I mentioned a few days ago I was excited to visit my local Vinnies as part of National Op Shop week. Naturally I stocked up on lots of things for different epicycles, they had such great stock.

I have been pretty busy working on them this week, experimenting with some new techniques and ideas. I wanted to share with you a little sneak peak of what I got and what I have transformed it into. I’ll be sharing full tutorials for these projects soon, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy a little glimpse of this week!

* For those of you not based in Australia, we call secondhand stores ‘op shops’ meaning opportunity shop. Just an FYI!


This was my haul. I have to say I don’t usually buy as much as this when I go thrift shopping, but as it is national secondhand store week I thought why not?! I had done a little bit of thinking about what I wanted to make before I went so that helped a lot in terms of honing in on what they had. I find this is a useful process so you end up with things you’ll use.


OK so I have to admit that I stuck to my old ways with these projects and used a lot of paint to overhaul them. But as I always say, stick to what you know! Actually, I never say that but you know what I mean. I ended up making two structural vessels (one being a candle), a painted decorative plate (for jewellery storage or for the wall) a raffia embellished jug and two simple painted vases. It’s been a fun week!

Stay tuned for the full tutorials for these. And let me know what you get during national op shop week!





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