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A Few Favourite Secondhand Finds In My Home!

Styling Apr 30, 2021

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved thrifting. My mum would take us rummaging at secondhand stores, antique stores and markets, and she instilled in me the excitement of finding a diamond in the rough. Now my home and wardrobe are full of thrifted items and I love the character they add to a space or outfit.

So when Vinnies invited me in store for a shop and asked me to share some of my favourite thrifted finds, of course I jumped at the opportunity! I’ve been wanting to do a tour of my thrifted home decor and fashion items for a while, so I thought this was the perfect timing.

I still get a thrill every time I walk into a secondhand store. Honestly, I can spend hours exploring the abundance of treasures – and I always leave with something I need, want or can upcycle. Not only is everything really affordable, but I love that I can help out the community and environment too.



Some of my favourite artworks in our home are secondhand. They add so much personality and quirkiness to a space. At Vinnies there is always a great range of genres, from landscape oil paintings, modern photography and hand sketched drawings like this ship drawing I picked up for only a few dollars.

Tip: If you love the artwork but the frame isn’t your style, you can simply have it reframed! Vice versa if you love a frame but not the artwork. For layering and contrast, I like to mix photos, posters, artwork and even bulky things like tapestry!



Some of my favourite books were picked up in thrift stores. I love all the different and unique ideas inside each book and it doesn’t hurt that they also look really great styled on shelves and coffee tables. Because each book is only a few dollars, it’s a great chance to pick up something you normally wouldn’t read!

Tip: Some books may still have their dust cover on, and these can look a bit shabby after a while. Check the condition of the hard cover underneath – sometimes its a beautiful block colour that will suit your home decor!



Trash To Terracotta

Of course it would be remiss of me not to mention my Trash To Terracotta vase collection. All of the vases I used in this upcycle project were from thrift shops including Vinnies. I cluster them together in my home to create depth and contrast. This was such an easy project – read my blog post on how you can upcycle your own vases!



One of my most treasured pieces of clothing is this silk pleated polkadot skirt that I purchased over a decade ago! It’s been around the world with me and it is so timeless. I love scouring my local Vinnies and for clothes that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Tip: Keep a list in your phone of items you need to buy so that you can go in with a game plan to each store (right now I have a thick knit cardigan and a linen wrap dress on my wish list).


Vinyl Records

We invested in a record player a few years ago as we love the unique crackle and pop sound of listening to vinyl. I love picking up old vinyl records for only a few dollars and it has opened me up to some really great music I wouldn’t hear on today’s radio or streaming services.

Tip: Find a section of the store that has bright natural light and inspect for any scratches.



Buying brand new kitchenware can be very costly, and so I often go looking for kitchen items in my local Vinnies. I love sourcing water jugs, vintage mixing bowls, rolling pins and sturdy pots and pans that can be buffed up and look just like new!

As you can see, thrifted items have become a staple in my home and I love the warmth and character they bring. While they may have only cost a few dollars here and there, most have become treasured items that hold a lot of sentimentality.

This post is in collaboration with Vinnies.

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