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Making a Calm Club Gift Box for Mother's Day

Interiors May 2, 2023

I recently asked you guys what you really wanted for Mother’s Day and for many of you, the ideal day was a bit of time with the family and thennnnn some blissful time alone.
I hear you!

So this year I wanted to make something a bit different from usual, that I knew a lot of mums out there (myself included) would appreciate. I decided to craft a ‘Calm Club’ kit for my mum – an immersive gift box which is all about having some time alone. I channeled a fancy hotel, with a step by step for the perfect me time – a plush personalised robe, ‘calm in session’ doorknob hanger, a reusable sheet mask and personalised bath salts. All done using my Cricut!

Creating The Design

I spent a lot of time coming up with an idea for this kit that would make it more than just a hamper, but would also be a process and an immersive experience which would be calming and rejuvenating. Because for me, more than any specific gift for Mother’s Day, the thing I want most is time. Time to just be – read a book, drink tea (or wine!) and just clear my head a little. I took on lots of inspiration for this – a gorgeous spa, a beautiful hotel that has all the trimmings. I then sat down and worked out how to create items inspired by this – a door hanger that acts as a portal to calm, a cosy robe, a reusable face mask, bath salts and finally a gorgeous box to put it all in. To bring it all together, I created my design using the Design Space app, customizing the colours and getting the look just right. after much debate, I settled on using the font Futura LT Extra Bold for each item which I felt gave it a really cohesive and fun look! You can access my design here.

Door Hanger

The door hanger is inspired by lovely hotels with thick carpeting and not a sound to be heard – this is for hanging on the door so you can enter the portal of calm!

Materials Needed:

After creating this design using the Design Space app, I then cut out card and vinyl in matching shapes, then transferred the vinyl labels onto the door hanger. It was so easy to do!



Customised Robe

Stepping into a comfortable robe is like putting on a costume that allows you to feel relaxed and cosy, so I wanted to include one of those in the box which I personalised using the little calm club logo I created.

Materials Needed:

To make this I simply created my design in the Design Space app, then I laid out some fabric on the Fabric cutting mat. I used the rotary cutting blade to cut the design out using my machine, and then using fabric glue to attach the lettering. You can also use a sewing machine to attach the lettering if you like.



Reusable Sheet Mask

I’ve been wanting to make these reusable face masks for so long, and finally got a chance with this project! I love sheet masks but they can be a little wasteful so I came up with this one that can be washed and reused.

Materials Needed:

To make this mask, I used the Cricut Design Space app and used the slicing tool to create the mask shape. You can use the one I made here or simply try making you own! Once I was happy with the design I cut it out using my Cricut Maker 3, muslin fabric and a fabric cutting mat. Once the mask was cut out I laid it out on a plate and drizzled a generous amount of jojoba oil on top, spreading it out with a small paintbrush. Then I simply folded it up and slipped it into a ziploc plastic bag and added the remaining serum into the bag. 



Bath Salts Personalized Note

Materials Needed:

To make this kit feel a little more special, I decided to use the Cricut Pen to write a little note on the back of the bath salts. This is a really simple process, all you need to do is write your note on the Design Space App, select your desired font and ensure it’s under the “pen” function rather than the usual “cut” function which can be changed under the Operation drop down menu in the top left hand corner of your Design Space app. Then load your pen into the pen holder on your Cricut Maker 3 Machine and proceed like you normally would in the Design Space app for the Cricut to write your note.





Personalised Smart Vinyl Labels

Materials Needed:

To create the custom labels on the contents of my Calm Club kit, I used the Cricut Design Space app to layout the labels, and choose the font and colors. Then I simply cut them on the Smart Vinyl and used transfer tape and Cricut tools to stick them onto things like the bath salts jar and plastic baggy with the face mask in it. It’s touches like this that pull the entire gift together and make it feel that little bit extra special!




If you’re looking some more ideas for Mother’s Day, try out one of my other projects below!

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This project is in collaboration with Cricut.

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