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DIY Home: Perfect Your Space With Rugs & Plants

Styling Nov 6, 2014

When it comes to updating a living space, I’m all about picking the lowest hanging fruit. And by that I mean doing the things that make the biggest impact for the least effort. Recently I went on a decorating binge at home – it was something that struck on a Friday and I wanted to make the updates by Saturday (people from out of town visiting – you know the drill!). The first thing I did was add a whole heap of indoor plants, and a big colourful rug. After doing this, I was honestly shocked at how major the difference was, it went from creepy dorm room rental feel to cosy, lived in home feel. And literally nothing else had changed other than the rub and plants (oh I also added these shelves). I have to surmise, from this, that rugs and plants are the foundation of a space you can feel proud of and want to be in.

So if you’re looking at your living room this weekend with a frown and want to give it an instant lift, investing in a new rug and a bunch of indoor plants is the first thing you could do. Call it the lazy girl’s guide to getting a Pinterest inspired nest. Yes, you could get yourself some vintage chairs, a bar cart, a pouffe and a bunch of fancy pendant lights, but that would just be the cherry on top – the icing being your rug and plants.

To test this theory with me, go through and in your mind remove the plants and the rugs from the following images of pretty living spaces. Doing this (for me) shows that those spaces would be no where near as nice without the rugs and the plants. Would you agree? Or do you think a few extra updates are needed?

Remove the rugs and plants from this space and all you have is a leather couch and a few nice blankets! Ok and flowering bougainvillaea outside but meh. (image via flickr)

This eclectic space would be much less interesting without that vintage rug and pretty plant. (image via Damsel In Dior)

When the room is really simple, a whole heap of plants and a nice rug makes such a difference. Right? (image via Design Sponge)

I love that you can create interest in an otherwise basic room with the perfect rug and a fiddle leaf fig. (image via A Beautiful Mess)

If you’ve got time and money, seeking out a few pretty chairs will also lift a room! But it’s the rug I love the most… (image via here)

If you’re feeling skint, use a simple and cheap basket as a pot plant! (image via The Every Girl)

For me, plants break up a room and give it a softness that makes you want to stay there – and curl up on the couch 🙂 (image via The Design Files)

Thoughts? (above image via Style Files)


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