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Studio Hours: Nude, White and Marle

How to wear it Nov 3, 2014

Ok I KNOW I said the dress code at the studio is pretty laid back, but I didn’t mean you could come in nude! Haw haw. Uncover your eyes people, you’re not going to see any bits and pieces in this post, just a straightforward it’s-no-longer-fifty-thousand-degrees (can you tell from my hair?) outfit from last week in the studio. For those of you who are wondering, this is clearly not the sort of get up I wear when it’s DIY day (glue, paint and drilling), on those days it’s old jeans and a stretched out tee. This is what I like to call my ‘fancy’ work outfit – for the times when I have meetings and actually do my hair/apply make up. On second thoughts, each day is usually a bit of both – I roll into work and do a few DIYs, and then get changed… Beware those of you who like to show up early or unannounced! In that way my side of the studio somewhat resembles backstage at a Victoria Secret show, in that there are clothes everywhere (my DIY wardrobe comes in handy) but sans wings, glitter and some crazy yoga-on-a-tightrope exercise regime.

In other news, I have to say this Whistles bag has become a bit like a new puppy for me, you’ll regularly find me stroking it, taking it for walks and maybe even sometimes burping it. I admit I do leave it in the car sometimes with all the widows up though ;). Whistles has also just released a new collaboration with jewellery brand Moxham that I really like, make sure to check it out!

Wearing: Witchery twist front top, H&M grey marl skirt, Witchery nude boots (from last season), Whistles nude bag.

Photos by Marion Tessier


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