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DIY Printable Holiday Cards

Christmas Dec 10, 2014

In round two of dishing up *free* holiday cheer, Jasmine and I have created some very very pretty printables for you to give to your loved ones – or yourself! In other words EVERYONNNNNESSSSSS GETTTINNNG CAAAAARRRDDS! (said in Oprah voice). These are a particular favourite because, as I’m sure you’re aware (from this post), I’m alll about the card. The cards we’ve created can be used for a range of festive events – let’s just say for me poppin’ bottles is something that should apply every weekend!

Download the cards here (there’s one sneaky surprise card included which we know you’re going to LOVE!). And check out the free gift tags here. When you’re making them, one thing we would recommend is that you use a light cardboard, which can usual be loaded into your printer – this will give them that luxe feel! Also make sure to snip off the edge lines that we’ve added to show you where the card starts and ends.

Ps. We’ve been absolutely loving seeing you all using the printables on your gifts, make sure to tag Jas and I (@jasminedowling and @apairandaspare) on instagram so we can check out your wrapping and card skills!

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Jasmine’s store. I have my eye on one of her luxe calenders!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon.


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