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The Two Minute Floral Arrangement

My DIY Jul 20, 2015

The Two Minute Floral Arrangement

If you’d said the words ‘flower arrangement’ to me a few years ago, I would have broken out in a rash. I guess it conjured up images of crazy aunts with strict rules about flower placement as well as people being done away with in Midsommer Murders (always in the greenhouse right?!). Anyway, if you’ve been tuning in recently you’ll know that I got over that a while ago, in part because of working closely on a few projects with the lovely Gemma, who showed me that flowers needn’t have any rules, you can be as creative (or lazy) as you want and it will usually work out. Unless of course you leave them out of water… That doesn’t work so much. Last week I was excited to get back in the studio with Gemma and create some more projects that we’ll be sharing over the next few months. And although this particular little arrangement isn’t a ‘project’ so much as a few flowers in some mismatched jars, it was one of my favourite things we did on the day – proving yet again that what you do with your blooms doesn’t have to be tricky or ulcer inducing.

The Two Minute Floral Arrangement

There are pretty much no rules to creating a simple multiple vase arrangement here but a few pointers from Gemma are:

  • Choose flowers that stand alone well such as roses or hydrangeas.
  • Go for a mix of bottles in all different sizes.
  • Cut all the flowers are different heights and trim downwards on the stem.
  • Add flowers as you go to fill in the gaps.

Photos by me.


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