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4 Ways to Wear Your off the Shoulder Dress (Ok, It's Actually 5)

How To Sep 8, 2015

Ways To Wear Your Off The Shoulder Dress

Having spent a little while in Italy in the last week, and wanting to stick with my carry on suitcase pledge (12 trips and counting!), naturally I had to try to maximise how I used its contents as much as possible. I stumbled upon a few different ways to tie this simple off the shoulder dress (a cheapie from Zara at the beginning of summer) and have to say, I think I may have got my money’s worth!

4 Ways To Wear Your Off The Shoulder Dress (Ok, It’s Actually 5)

Including the original way to wear the dress (off the shoulder), I counted atleast 5 ways to wear it. What’s not to love?!

Option 1

Naturally the first way to wear it is off the shoulders, interestingly enough I found this to be the least flattering way to wear it. Although v comfortable if you’re keen to eat 5 bowls of pasta! 😉

Option 2

I’m not sure if this qualifies as another way to wear it, but switching it up onto your shoulders is a great option for the sunsmart. Beware it gets shorter when you do this!

Option 3

This option involves you taking the arms and twisting them around at the front and securing in a halter style around your neck. The arms won’t be super long when you do this so I just used a ribbon to tie them together.

Option 4

This one shoulder option is so easy! Simply put one arm out and one arm in the arm holes, and then pull the empty arm hole around to the back and belt it.

Option 5!

Finally, the strapless option. Take the arm holes and wrap them around your front. Again, the arm holes won’t be super long when you do this so either secure them together at the ends with ribbon, or highly belt them down if they don’t meet.

The one below is my favourite option, I feel like it was the most flattering of all the styles. Here’s to getting the most out of your clothes!

Wearing: Zara dress, Coach Bag, Zara heels, Vintage belt, Karen Walker sunnies

Pictures by Bryant Lee

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