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Blood Orange Cointreau Fizz Pops (And A Citrus Brunch)

Entertaining Sep 10, 2015

Blood Orange Cointreau Fizz Pops

Without really realising it, it seems that citrus fruits have come to play a leading role in my attempts at a healthy day to day. Cut into wheels and popped into detox water (does this actually work? Who knows but I do it anyway) or as a mid morning snack while I wait it out til lunch, it seems I always have a stack of oranges and lemons on the go. Naturally, after all that being good (re: morning routines and 8pm – 8am phone ban), come the end of the week I’m ready to let my hair down. And clearly that means some sort of brunchy situation with friends. It might sound basic but I’ll be the first to admit that breakfast + a side of lunch + a cocktail in hand = my jam. Or should I say marmalade?

On a recent trip down under, Cointreau asked me to get creative once again with their signature Cointreau Fizz cocktail (Cointreau, lime + soda), to celebrate the start of the Spring Racing Season. In ode to my clear love of all things citrus and eating a meal between breakfast and lunch, we decided to throw a fruity inspired get together for my friends. For the occasion we created a Cointreau Fizz with a twist – the blood orange version. But we thought, why stop there? On a whim we also decided to turn that cocktail into a popsicle, a treat that’s pretty as a picture and easy as to make. The freezer does all the work for you!

Read on for the recipe for both the cocktail and the popsicle!

Blood Orange Cointreau Fizz Pops 


  • Blood Orange juice
  • 30ml of Cointreau
  • Soda
  • Spritz of lime
  • Blood orange or orange slices with rind removed and slice cut in the middle.
  • Glass votives or drinking glasses
  • popsicle sticks

How to

  1. Add the Cointreau to the mold.
  2. Fill the mould 3/4 up with juice
  3. Add the lime.
  4. Add the soda on top to just below the rim of the mold.
  5. Add the orange slices on top.
  6. Slide the popsicle stick through the hole in the orange so they stand up straight, and then freeze overnight.
  7. To remove from the mold, simply run warm water  over the outside of the old.

For a variation, we added a table spoon of yogurt to some of them, and they tasted delish!

Wearing: DIY lace dress, Sportgirls Hat


30 ml of Cointreau
A table spoon of blood orange
Soda water
Lime Juice

How to:

1. Fill your glass with ice.

3. Add the Cointreau, blood orange juice and lime juice.

4. Muddle/mix with a spoon.

5 . Top with soda water.

We made our Cointreau Fizz into a punch! And I love how easy it was to use all different types of citrus as an edible table setting. There really was no need for any extra decoration,  perfect for a corning cutting entertainer like me

Check out my other Cointreau Fizz recipe here. And for those of you mourning the end of summer, why not try to ‘squeeze’ the last drops out this weekend with these bright and zingy popsicles. 😉

This post is in collaboration with Cointreau.

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