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Pineapple Cup Cocktail Recipe

Entertaining Dec 30, 2015

Pineapple Cup Cocktail Recipe

The holiday season in Australia is something else. What it lacks in Christmas markets and mulled wine it makes up for in ample amounts of sun, sea and sand. Completely foreign if you’ve grown up in the Northern Hemisphere I know, but it turns out a warm Christmas is hard to shake.

I mean, regardless of where in the world I am, I find myself making the pilgrimage back to the mother land every December. Who could resist long days spent on the beach eating, drinking and soaking up some rays? In ode to all that I love about this time of year in Australia, I recently got together with Cointreau to create one of my favourite summer drinks – a pineapple infused Cointreau Fizz in a DIY pineapple cup. Incredibly fun regardless of whether you’re on the beach or indoors, watching the snow fall outside. Bring on that NYE beach/house/bbq party!

Pineapple Cup Cocktail Recipe


30 ml of Cointreau
Soda water
Lime Juice
A pineapple

For the pineapple cup

1. Using a sharp knife, cut the top off the pineapple. Keep to one side.

2. Cut a circle around the inside of the pineapple skin, making sure not to pierce the bottom of the pineapple.

3. Cut a grid pattern to make it easier to remove the flesh.

4. Remove the flesh inside the pineapple.

5. Add the top back on to finish off the cup.

For the cocktail

1. Fill your pineapple cup with ice

3. Add the Cointreau, some pineapple pulp and lime juice.

4. Muddle/mix with a spoon.

5 . Top with soda water. You’ll need a straw to drink this one!


It wouldn’t be a beach party without a Roundie!

Add scoop of sorbet on top for an extra kick of sweetness!

Photos by Ana Suntay-Tanedo

This post is in collaboration with Cointreau

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