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How to Choose (and Wear) the Perfect Nude lip Shade

How To Jun 14, 2016

The Perfect Nude Lip Shade

The nude lip, it’s pretty much a go to in my beauty routine, mainly as a way to complete a simple (read: quickly slapped together) look without taking it OTT. Personally, I feel like a nude lip gives a hint freshness, in the same way a nude manicure does.  It says ‘I’m trying, but not that hard’. Which is exactly what I’m all about when it comes to beauty. Butttttt finding the right nude shade is harder than you would think, because unlike nude underwear it’s not simply about matching to your exact skin tone – do that and you’ll look (and feel) completely washed out. No, the point of nude lipstick is to accentuate your lips, either by making them slightly darker, lighter or pinker, in a natural way that brings out your lip shape and the rest of your face.

Recently whilst backstage at the Yeojin Bae runway show at Sydney Fashion week, and I was happy to see that nude lips reigned supreme. So fresh and so clean (clean). Being just a little bit nosy I couldn’t help but hit the Bobbi Brown make up team up for the tricks of the trade when it comes to how to pick the best nude shade. It was something I really had to share with you, in case you’re in the mood for going nude. 🙂

Above: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour in Mod and Pink Sand

Tips for Choosing (And Wearing) The Perfect Nude Lip Shade 

Test on your lips This is a big one. Obviously your lips aren’t the same colour as your skin tone, so always test your nude lipstick on your lips and not on the back of your hand to see how it a) looks on your lips and b) looks next to your skin.

Pick the features you want to accentuate  Nude lips look best when the color is one shade lighter or darker than your complexion, rather than an exact match. Personally, I like to go for one shade darker than my natural lip colour (that’s a shade I wear all the time if I’m not wearing any visible colour) because I like to ever so slightly bring out the colour of my lips, but if you want to focus more on your eyes for example, you should steer towards a lighter lip shade.

Try, Try, Try The nude you choose is going to depend on your lip and skin tone, generally you’ll be told that lighter skin tones should reach for pinky shades,  whilst mid tones should go for more caramel/toffee colours and dark skin tones can go for lighter/bronzey colours. That’s not a bad guide but personally I think that it’s all about trial and error – a warm caramel that suits my friend so much looks awful on me, and we have only a few shades different in tone,  proving that it’s all about trying it out. When choosing your nude, grab a few different shades in the shop and try them all on, looking for one that accentuates your face.

Gloss it up A gloss is a great option if you want to experiment with colours. It will help bring out the shape and definition of your lips, without having to go too dark or choose a pinker shade. You’ll have a brighter face without the zombie vibes you can sometimes get from a lighter tones.

Smooth operator When applying, make sure you start with a nice soft and smooth base, because your natural lip colour will show through better. A lip scrub in the shower is always a good idea – I DIY one using sugar and coconut oil.

When in doubt A good lip balm with spf in it can be massaged into your lips, which will help to promote blood flow and bring out the natural colour of your lips, without having to add any other shade. This is what head make up artist Alphie did at the show and it was the perfect touch.

Thanks Alphie and the team at Bobbi Brown for having me! And to Yeojin Bae for putting on such a great show. 


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