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How to Pack for an Island Getaway

Perfectly Packed Jun 1, 2016

Helloooooo Summer! It’s totally time to plan your next island or beach escape. Once you’ve got the destination nailed – type in island escape into pinterest and start imagining – you’re going to want to think about what you’ll be wearing. From an outfit perspective island and beach trips are ideal¬†because of the limited number of activities you’ll be doing, meaning you can keep it light whilst also focusing on only¬†fun things to wear. Whether you’re dreaming of your next trip or actually planning it (a girl can dream!), you’re going to want to think about packing right. Read on for more.

How to Pack for an Island Getaway

Something to note straight away is that these tips differ a little from my usual 5,4,3,2,1 packing¬†guide, These differ a little to other trips you might go on, mainly because you can do away with so many of the things you would need on a usual trip like jeans or jackets, and focus entirely on resort. Here’s how to do it.

Plan Around Your Swimwear

This is maybe the best part about packing for an island getaway.¬†The fact that you can (nay, should) pick up a few fave bikinis, and then plan all your outfits around them. Think this is limiting? ¬†I promise you’re mistaken.¬†You just have to be imaginative about how you layer. Likkkkkke a gorgeous laced up one piece looks perfect with a pair of high waisted trousers, and a longline bikini top works perfectly¬†with a soft cotton tank and cut off denim shorts. Naturally you’re going to want to make sure the swimwear you plan on wearing when you’re hanging out and not swimming (i.e. the bar part of the beach to bar) is dry and clean, you could get a little chafed if you hang out in wet swimwear all day!

Take Less 

…than you think you should. This is true for all trips but particularly important for island escapes. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that chances are you’re going to be mainly relaxing and hanging out, and in the water which means you’re not going to need as many different types of outfits.¬†Another reason for trying to pack as little as possible and take carry on is so that you don’t have to lug your suitcase onto a ferry or a sea plane which often happens when you are travelling to an island. Go light or go home!


On the light things that you can afford to have lots of because they’re light like swimsuits, sunglasses, light accessories and adaptable scarves. These will be the things you wear the most and will feel good about having variety and choice. They’ll also allow you to mix up your outfits. I also like maximising my wardrobe by focusing¬†on adaptable pieces that serve two functions – scarves and one pieces are perfect for this. Also, do the test with each item you take that you can make 3 or more outfits out of it and you’ll be set.


Everything too heavy to cumbersome to take with you. This means take as few pairs of shoes as possible, and try to only take¬†two adaptable bags – one small and one large – that can be used for everything you need to do… Beach to bar (etc etc).

Colours (obvi)

By now, you’ll all be aware of my view about carefully planning the colours you take with you when you travel. When it comes to an island trip, where you’ll no doubt he hopping between your room, the beach and the bar (with maybe one or two more strenuous activities in there), so you can be even more strict about what colours you take. Because I’m a sucker for camouflaging into the place I am going, I always reach for a mix of blues when it comes to an island trip. If you’re looking for a failsafe palette this is a great idea¬†for you too. Add a few pops of colour if that’s your jam (whilst keeping it tight) and away you go.

A few pics from last year’s trip to the Maldives to get you inspired. ūüôā

It starts with swim…

You’ll also need your cut offs. Ok?

And¬†an adaptable beach bag…

You’ll be feeling the blues…

Comfy but elegant sandals are key to all your outfits.

If only it was this easy to get dressed in every day life…

I think I found the dream swimsuit. You know, when it’s so nice you don’t actually want to wear it? ūüôā

You really don’t need much! Wearing the same thing over and over is a-ok on an island.

You’re going to want to make sure you take good company, and white nails!

Balmy nights call for soft fabrics.

Let’s hole up here for the summer ok?

Swimsuits that double as tops yes please.

Spf is essential…


Remember, KISS (keep it simple stupid)

And keep your eyes peeled for those island sunsets.

Funny story, I dropped my polaroid camera on the ground and a piece of it fell off, now all the photos are this amazing shade of blue… How good!

Here’s to¬†all those amazing trips (real or imaginary) you’ll be going on this summer. xx

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