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A Learning to Weave Workshop

My DIY Feb 19, 2017

Learning to Weave Workshop

This year, a major aim for me is to explore traditional crafts and techniques more, particularly when I travel. After learning the secrets of traditional leather craft in Italy last year, it seems I’ve become addicted – there’s just so much to learn from craftmanship all over the world.

I’m thinking basket making in Vietnam, the secrets of tea growing in Sri Lanka and origami in Japan. Just for starters. I was pretty excited, therefore, when Nespresso asked me to help them launch their two new Limited Edition coffees, ‘UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu’ from Rwanda and ‘TANIM de Chiapas’ from Mexico. These new coffees add to the permanent Pure Origin range, meaning that the coffee comes from one particular country. I was excited, yes, because I’m a coffee fan. But also because the quality of the coffees is an example of the wider role that craftsmanship plays in both Rwandan and Mexican cultures. Something I’m very very interested in. Get me on the next plane please!

A Learning to Weave Workshop

To celebrate these limited edition coffees, Nespresso invited me to host a workshop in Sydney, to share the passion that goes into craft and making something with your hands. I was tasked with coming up with a craft to teach all the lovely ladies that came along… not a bad job right? After I looked deeper into the traditional crafts of Mexico and Rwanda, I was excited to find that the technique of weaving is deeply embedded in both. A technique I love and one that has dominated my thoughts (and Pinterest feed) for quite some time. I thought I would share with you some photos of the event… Could it have been any more beautiful? I think not. And because I know you love craftmanship just as much as I do, I’m also sharing with you the step by step for making your own wall weaving (including how to add metal details) in my next post. Stay tuned.

First we ate, then we crafted. Not bad for a Wednesday morning right?

THIS incredible floral installation. The mind boggles.

Wearing: a Paddo To Palmy off the shoulder dress. And my usual :O talking expression ha.

I’m looking forward to sharing the tutorial for this in my next post, including how to insert metal pieces into your wall weave.

For anyone interested in discovering the craft behind these two pure origin coffees, head on over to Nespresso website to learn more. This post is in collaboration with Nespresso.

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