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Let's Talk: What's Your Go To Bra Style?

Let's Talk Apr 10, 2017

What's your go to bra style?

Bras. They come with the territory of being a woman but (as you no doubt know) man do they present some challenges.

We’ve covered the topic of bras a lot here, like how to measure yourself. But as I’ve been delving into the world of bras more and more recently (rather than just accepting that they’re all uncomfortable!) I’ve come to work out that certain shapes are better than others for me.

Interestingly, it’s travel that has helped me work that out! Travel in it’s very nature is a tough gig for a bra – it truly is where you will find out of your bra is a hero, or a zero. They need to be able to handle you being constantly on the move, deal with more than normal sweatiness and keep you supported but still be comfortable comfortable. Recently Grana launched their new intimates range, and I took them with me for a text drive when I was in Bali… I’m a fan (try them out yourself with 10% off using the code ‘apasxgrana’).

What’s Your Go To Bra Style?

It’s All About the Triangle

For me, I’m all about the triangle bra these days. Me and wire just do not get on at all anymore. At all! BUT, not just any old one will do – they have to be well supported ones. Too often a triangle bra has no structure and you feel like you’re jiggling all over the place, or worse you feel a nip slip. Ugh. After my recent trip to Bali, a great, tried and tested bra for travelling (and sitting here in the studio in front of the computer, and also hanging at home) is this one.  They  added some extra support meaning it doesn’t suffer from the same floppy problem that many triangle bras have. Obviously if you’ve got really large breasts you might want to choose a lightly wired style instead, but for my (FYI) C/D size they work well. In addition, I recently discovered these cotton triangle bras that due to the wide band are super comfortable and have really  great lift. Go forth and triangle!

Ideas for finding your go-to shape:

  • Understand your bra goals: Is it, for example, all about lift, cleavage, enhancing size or just nipple coverage? For me it’s mainly about light lift (but not too much) which is why an unwired style suits me really well, whilst still giving a bit of support and shape.
  • Understand your lifestyle: Working in  a studio with a relaxed dress code seems to have filtered down all the way to my underwear, but if you operate in a different sort of environment you might prefer to go with a different shape that suits, say, what you wear or do all the time.
  • Shop around: I think it’s really easy to just reach for the same style and brand over and over, I did this for years and always felt sooo uncomfortable! I guess I just thought that was normal but after a bit more work in this areas I worked out it needn’t be that way. So have a bit of an experiment.



Do you have a go to shape that you love? Has it changed over time or have you always liked the same styles? Oh and if you prefer a wired style, I’d love to know what brand it is! Always wanting to experiment with new bra types and styles 🙂

Stay tuned for my next instalment of the Bra series, this one you guys have been asking for over and over!

This post is in collaboration with Grana, grab 10% off using the code ‘apasxgrana’.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon.

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