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Fig Cooler Cocktail Recipe

Recipes Apr 6, 2017

Fig Cooler Cocktail

Hello Thursday! Who’s ready for a cocktail?

I’ve been missing sharing cocktail recipes with you guys here, so when Ben and I put together some new summer recipes for The Winery recently I knew it would be a good idea to share them with you. I’ve been loving the flavour of figs and love the earthy texture, and they’re just so pretty! So naturally they had to be added to a new summery cocktail.

Fig Cooler Cocktail Recipe


  • One shot of Bourbon
  • 1 fig (and half for garnish)
  •  Maple Syrup
  • Ginger Beer

How to

  1. Cut your fig in half and put it in a cocktail shaker.
  2. Muddle using a muddling stick.
  3. Add ice.
  4. Add the bourbon, a splash of maple syrup and then shake.
  5. Pour into a glass over ice.
  6. Top up with ginger beer.
  7. To garnish, cut half a fig and skewer it onto a cocktail stick. Balance on the edge of the glass.

If bourbon’s not your jam, you can also make this cocktail with vodka, which makes it similar to a Moscow Mule but with figs. Enjoy!


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