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One (Small) Bedroom Three Ways

Styling Jun 26, 2017

One Bedroom Three Ways

Welcome back to the second in our series all about small spaces! This time around, we tackle the bedroom. A place that you really want to make a calm and inviting space, even if it’s the size of a postage stamp.

But just because your room isn’t huge, its doesn’t mean you have to throw all your decorating dreams out the window. It’s all about using the little space you’ve got, and adding in a few nice touches.  Once again we’ve partnered with H&M Home, using their products to show you how easy it is to give your bedroom a facelift. We’ve included tips and tricks for decorating a small bedroom, and three decor ideas. The best thing is that they’re great for small bedrooms, but would work just as well for a big one. 🙂

Tips for Decorating One Bedroom Three Ways

Use the walls. Don’t overlook the walls in your room as a way to decorate – a creative headboard is a great place for a feature that doesn’t take up too much space. Three ideas for that below!

Be smart about furniture placement. In a larger bedroom you’ll most likely put the bed in the middle of the wall – but for a small bedroom this often isn’t that possible.  For comfort, always try to have some room around the outside of the bed, even if it’s just a really small amount. This will leave space on the other side for a dressing table or wardrobe.

Pick the right bed. We chose a bed with drawers underneath for storage so that we could minimise the amount of furniture we have in the room.

Use the bed as decor. Cushions, linen and blankets are all great opportunities to integrate texture and colour into your bedroom, and when put together in a cohesive way can be really well themed.

Focus on creating a cosy space. Small bedrooms needn’t be claustrophobic, in fact having a small cosy bedroom is often a nice and cosy element. Use comfortable decor and calming colour palettes to emphasise this.

Simple side tables. No room for matching side cabinets? Use a small stool, hanging table  or floating shelf instead.

Use storage as decor. You guys know how much I love creating pretty storage solutions – so instead of hiding all your things away, why not display your jewellery or accessories on the wall? A few DIY ideas for you: DIY Delicate Jewellery Storage, DIY Hanging Bag Rack and DIY Box Wardrobe.

H&M Home Products Used: Premium Quality Washed Linen Duvet Set, Two Pink Cotton Pillows, Textured Cushion Covers in Black Stripe, Velvet Cushion, Textured Blanket with Tassels, Pink Cup, Metal Tray, Hanging Lantern and Woven Basket.

The Concept: My first, and absolute favourite, for this one we went with a natural textured vibe in light tones. I wanted to give the feel of being on holidays in the desert in California, so we chose all the decor based on that.

The Decor: First, we started with Premium Quality Linen sheets. These are so lovely, in fact I went bought a set of these after feeling them the shoot! We then added textured cushions and a tassel throw. To add a little bit of colour, we used some pink washed cotton pillow cases and one pink velvet cushion. For the decor, we used a hanging lantern and put one of my cacti in a woven basket.

The DIY: For the headboard, we decided to create a feature using a few of my collection of straw hats. This seemed like the perfect way to create a feature of of some storage, We simply put some removable hooks on the wall and placed the hats on top.



H&M Home Products Used: Conscious Collection Green Cotton Duvet and Pillows, Patterned Cotton Cushions, Washed Linen Cushions, Metal Tray, Candle, Leaf Cup.

The Concept: I don’t have to remind you of my addiction to bringing greenery into my space, something that is so nice to do particularly if you have a small bedroom. We thought it would be fun to integrate this into the bedroom with the use of gorgeous green and patterned linens, plants and cushions. Almost like you’re sleeping under the stars in a rainforest!

The Decor: We chose a really calming set of green cotton sheets as the base, these are from H&M Home’s Conscious Collection and made with washed organic cotton, so lovely! We added another set of darker green pillows, which are also organic and from the Conscious Collection. For extra comfort we picked up some pattered cushions and also some deeper green washed linen cushions. We were looking for coloured that worked together to create a range of green toned and the feel of different coloured leaves.

The DIY: For the headboard we created a hanging dowel above the bed, and hung some of my favourite plants on it (much like this DIY).  Yep, you’re going to want to be super into plants to have them hanging over you all night, but just think of all that oxygen making it’s way directly into your lungs!

Print on Print

H&M Home Products Used: Pink Cotton Duvet set, Two linen pillow cases, Two Printed Cushion covers, One Rust Velvet Cushion and one pink velvet cushion, Terracotta plant pots and a white candle.

The Concept: Ok so I know we all love a clean white bed look, but sometimes it’s nice to venture outside of what we’re used to…. Namely into colour and print land! For this one I wanted to go for some pow! style colour, and also had a vague inspiration of Jaipur in India – beautiful mandala inspired prints and 9845938 shades of red and pink.

The Decor: To begin, we laid down some really simple blush pink sheets as the base. Then we added some white linen pillows to add a bit of freshness and also some nice texture. When doing a print on print, it’s a good idea to choose a uniform colour palette so the look is cohesive and not too messy, so we added more cushions in prints and block colours in similar tones. Then, to add some zing and a bit of an edge, we added in a rust pillow to tie in the terracotta plant pots.

The DIY: For the headboard, I decided to upgrade my existing headboard DIY (remember this one?) with some printed fabric, we simply wrapped it in a sheet for a completely new look!

This post is in collaboration with H&M.

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