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Question: What should I make with these fabrics? (For my trip to New York!)

Let's Talk Jun 27, 2017

What Should I Make With These Fabrics

New York New York. I couldn’t be more excited!

In case you missed it, I currently preparing for a trip to NYC, and as always it’s coming around quite quickly… We leave next week! Ben’s never been before and I can’t wait to explore the city with him, as well as my brother and his girlfriend who live there. Summer in the City, how good.

As always, with travel comes travel outfits, and for me that often means new projects to work on. Which is also pretty awesome so it’s a win win. Because I’ve had a bit more time in the studio in the last few weeks, I’ve been able to plan and get inspired for my travel outfits, which naturally included a trip to the fabric markets. Because you guys were so helpful last time I asked you for your opinion on my next projects,  I thought why not get your advice for my New York wardrobe?


Question: What Should I Make With These Fabrics

Once I bought the fabrics, I put together the above moodboard – which might seem counter productive until you realise that the fabric market is an end-of-roll type of place where you get whatever is there, so it’s better to gather the fabrics first! I was specifically looking for polka dots and line, and found some great styles. The inspiration I pulled above focuses on clean lined, lots of linen pieces and a red, white and blue theme. A total coincidence, but kind of appropriate given we’re landing on the week of July 4th!

Some Ideas

Looking at the inspiration I’ve had a few ideas already, but I would love to hear what you guys think I should make using these fabrics. I have a bit more than a week to get onto the projects!

A Red Maxi Dress. I’ve wanted to try my hand at making some sort of structured maxi dress for while. And now is my chance! I’m wondering if it should be shirred, a kimono style or something else?

A Wrap Skirt. A wrap mini skirt has also been on my to do list for a lonnnnngggg time, and I think summer in NY city is just the time to make it/wear it. But which fabric do you think it would look best in?

A Polkadot Top. Obviously! But should it be a tank, a wrap, a flowing sleeve… Or with a frill? So many ideas!

Wide Leg Trousers. These are so easy to make and with the right fabric just look so great. But which fabric shall I make them out of?


Fabrics I bought: Polka dot cotton, red linen, white linen, gingham linen and blue and white striped cotton.

So guys! I would absolutely love to hear what you think we should make…  Is there anything on the inspiration board that catches your eye? Although we’ve got some inspiration, you don’t have to stick to those styles at all (you might hate them!). Feel free to put forward totally different ideas too, there are no wrong answers I promise!

Inspiration photos via: Gal Meets Glam, Lucy Williamson, Lisa Says Gah, Not Your Standard, Taylor La Shae, Adenorah, Always Judging, Merlette New York, Emma Zoey Roche, Soraya Bakhtiar, Jessa Lizzi.

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